Lakers Star LeBron James Doubles-Down on Future Goal

Getty Stephen Curry and Lebron James.

When all is said and done, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James will have one of the most impressive resumes in NBA history.

But James’ most important accomplishment on the court might not come in the form of a record, trophy, or award. That honor would instead be James being able to say that he shared the court with his son, Bronny James.

James has talked about playing with his son previously but reiterated that stance after the All-Star Game on Sunday.

“That’s definitely one of my goals, but that’s a long-term goal,” James told reporters. “My son right now is in high school and enjoying what being a teenager is all about. But that would be pretty cool to go on my resume if I’m able to be on the same court as my son someday in this league. The league has given me so much, and I just try to give back to it. So if I’m able to give back the way I play the game, the way I inspire the game, what I brought to the game and also be able to give back by giving my son or lending my son to the NBA, that would be a treat for me and it would be an honor for myself.”

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James matched up his extension with the Lakers to expire when Bronny graduates from high school. The younger James isn’t the generational prospect his father was, but still has some time to improve. At 24/7 Sports, he is ranked as the 25th-best player in the class of 2023.

LeBron James Still Trying to Win Championships

Getty ImagesLeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers.

James is in his 18th season but hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. He’s among the favorites for MVP (+130, per Odds Shark) and has the Lakers in a position to compete for a championship.

So while the goal of playing with his son is great, James isn’t exactly lacking motivation currently.

“I’ve got a lot of things that I’m still passionate about and motivated about still doing in my career, and still trying to win championships. That is the goal right now, and that is the motivation right now.”

James is averaging 25.8 points, 8 rebounds and 7.8 assists this season. He played just 13 minutes in the All-Star game on Sunday, notching 4 points.

LeBron James on Rest: ‘I’m Not on Side of Time’

James took on a larger role before the All-Star break with Lakers co-star Anthony Davis going down with an injury. James averaged 36.3 minutes in February, including four games where he played over 40 minutes.

James previously called the All-Star Game a “slap in the face” after a historically short offseason and a packed schedule. James will now have four days to recover and gear up for the second half of the season, which he hopes will feature a run at a repeat.

“[I’ll] head back to L.A. and spend a couple days with my family and then start preparing. I’m going to keep my body fresh, work out, train and just get ready for the second half,” James told reporters. “Is it enough time? I’ll take any time, obviously. So I’ll take full advantage of the time that we have. Is it enough time? No, it’s never enough time, but we’re not on the side of time. I’m not on the side of time. I’ll take full advantage of what I have and be okay with it.”

The Lakers are 24-13 heading into the second half, having lost six of the final eight games before the All-Star break. They’ll look to start the back-half of the schedule on the right not against the Pacers on March 12.

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