Lakers Guard Patrick Beverley Called Out by Suns Star After Altercation

Patrick Beverley

Getty Images Patrick Beverley of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker had some words for Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley after a hard shove of Deandre Ayton on Tuesday.

Beverley came to the defense of Lakers’ teammate Austin Reaves in the fourth quarter against the Suns, shoving Ayton from behind as he stood over Reaves after a foul. It sent the Suns’ 7-footer into the crowd and Beverley was ejected for the action.

Booker didn’t hold back on Beverley after the Suns came out victorious, 115-105.

“It was more than it was supposed to be,” Booker told TNT’s Chris Haynes in his walk-off interview. “Pat needs to stop pushing people in the back, man. Push them in the chest. That’s all I got to say.”

Booker expanded a bit more in his postgame press conference.

“Just nonsense. Not for the basketball court,” Booker told reporters. “In an NBA game, you don’t expect that to go down because there are so many more opportunities we see each other out there on the court.”

Beverley dubbed it an “unfortunate situation” but did not regret his course of action.

“I’m not going for that s—,” Beverley said. “Obviously it’s unfortunate that it happened on national TV, but you know me, regardless of what’s going on I’m a big fan of protecting my teammates. … I’m a foxhole guy. I put on the jersey and I commit to a team, I commit to a city and it’s kind of my motto. I’m a foxhole guy.”

Lakers Not Upset With Beverley For Shoving Ayton

Darvin Ham on Patrick Beverley’s ejection: “I’m not mad at him. He’s protecting his teammate"Darvin Ham on Patrick Beverley’s ejection: “I’m not mad at him. He’s protecting his teammate"2022-11-23T06:11:00Z

Beverley was sent to the showers early for the shove and he’ll likely be facing a hefty fine and possible suspension. However, his team has his back. Lakers coach Darvin Ham was pleased that the veteran guard stood up for a younger teammate.

“From what I saw Ayton was standing there ready to walk over (Reaves),” Ham said. “I am not mad at (Beverley). He is there protecting his teammate and I am sure he will have to go through some type of consequence for that but that is who we have to be. Teams have to know they just can’t push us around.”

Lakers star Anthony Davis also threw his support behind Beverley after the incident.

“We got each other’s back,” Davis said. “Pat is known for that: having his teammate’s back. … We’re never going to let anyone stand over our team — make them feel like they’re not a man … That’s disrespectful.”

Beverley is a known pest and has a history of shoving people in the back — particularly Suns players. Back when he was with the Clippers in 2021, Beverley delivered a hard shove to Chris Paul while he was walking back to his bench.

While he might need to change up his tactics, Beverley’s toughness is something that can help galvanize a Lakers team that desperately needs it.

“I love it, personally,” Russell Westbrook said. “Protecting and understanding we have each other’s back is the most important thing as a team.”

Reaves Thankful for Beverley’s Backup

Austin Reaves on how his face feels: "I’ve been hit in the face a lot so I'm good."Austin Reaves on how his face feels: "I’ve been hit in the face a lot so I'm good."2022-11-23T06:22:50Z

Reaves found himself at the center of the controversy and was thankful for Beverley stepping up to support him, although he didn’t fully understand the situation after he was smacked in the face by Booker, who was assessed a flagrant 1 during the ruckus.

“I really didn’t see much after I got hit in the nose,” said Reaves. “I thought I was bleeding so I was on the ground. And when I did turnaround, I saw Pat have my back, which I love. Everybody on the team … is the same way. If it was him, we would’ve done the same thing for him.”

The Lakers have a few days off before facing the Spurs for back-to-back matchups. Beverley will likely know his fate by then.

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