Former NBA Player Reveals Why 7-Time All-Star Shouldn’t Join Lakers

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Getty LeBron James with Steph Curry.

Despite the fact that Steph Curry is in the midst of an excellent season, the Golden State Warriors have struggled. They are currently the 10th seed in the Western Conference and are coming off an ugly 30-point loss to the Dallas Mavericks. The once-great franchise has hit hard times and it’s difficult to see them breaking through anytime soon.

This has lead to rampant speculation concerning what Curry might do in the future. For the longest time, it looked like he would play his whole career in Golden State. That might not be the case anymore. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported last month that LeBron James has already begun recruiting the former MVP To the Los Angeles Lakers.

While that sounds like a match made in heaven, not everybody believes that Curry would actually be a fit on a team with LeBron and Anthony Davis. Four-time NBA champion and former Laker John Salley was recently on Vlad TV and gave his thoughts on Curry possibly joining the purple and gold.

“I don’t think it’d be good for Steph … But for Steph Curry to come here and share the court with LeBron, there’s not enough room,” Salley said. “There’s not enough basketballs for Steph to be on the same team. The games will be 165 points per game. Vegas would be happy. But Steph should retire in a Golden State jersey. Period.”

Would Curry Fit on Lakers?

While most NBA fans outside of Los Angeles would prefer Curry not go anywhere near the Lakers, Salley’s argument against Curry joining the team doesn’t really work. The seven-time All-Star has proven in the past that he can play with other superstars. He played with Kevin Durant and both players were wildly successful en route to two championships.

LeBron is also heading into the twilight of his playing career and isn’t too concerned with personal stats. Curry and he on the same team would be close to unstoppable. How are teams supposed to defend against those two and Davis? They won’t be able to. While LeBron has done a lot to improve his shooting over the years, he’s nowhere close to Curry in that department. The Lakers’ biggest issue over the also two seasons has been 3-point shooting. If Curry joined the team, that issue would immediately be solved. It’s hard to imagine this potential team doesn’t win a championship or two.

Any Chance It Actually Happens?

It’s certainly fun to imagine the idea of Curry playing in Los Angeles. His flashy style is perfect for the city. With a potential powerhouse brewing in Brooklyn, the Lakers might need a superteam to compete for championships. That said, it’s really hard to imagine Curry leaving the Warriors to play with LeBron.

When he was drafted by Golden State in 2009, the team was consistently one of the worst in the NBA. They only made the playoffs once in 14 seasons. The Warriors are now considered one of the premier franchises in sports having won three of the last six championships. Nobody wants to see Curry miss the playoffs every year to end his career but loyalty is very important to some players. He’ll likely see how things play out next year when Klay Thompson is healthy again. If they can put together a solid season, the rumors of him leaving could be put to rest.

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