Title Pressure & Expectations? A’Shawn Robinson Knows All About It

A'Shawn Robinson

Getty A'Shawn Robinson walks off the field following Alabama's 2016 national title victory over Clemson.

A’Shawn Robinson is already built to deal with title pressure.

The Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle hears it often outside of the Ram walls. But it’s not his first time, let alone second time, he’s dealt with the words “title expectations” hovering above him and his team.

And when asked on Tuesday about facing the pressure of pursuing the Vince Lombardi Trophy with the Rams, Robinson answered by reminding where he’s from.

“Pressure? I went to the University of Alabama, if that answers your question right there,” Robinson responded, drawing laughs from the media members at the Marriot Hotel in Newport Beach, California. “So pressure, ain’t no such thing as pressure.”

A'Shawn Robinson Talks Feeling More Explosive, Expectations On Defense, Impressions Of Raheem MorrisLos Angeles Rams DL A'Shawn Robinson discusses the impact of bringing down his playing weight, how he is handling the high expectations placed on Los Angeles' defense, and his impressions of DC Raheem Morris. Subscribe to the LA Rams Channel: bit.ly/3d9IrHe For More Exclusive Content follow the Rams: Twitter: twitter.com/ramsnfl Instagram: instagram.com/rams/ Facebook: facebook.com/Rams/ Website:…2021-07-28T01:00:10Z

‘Roll Tide’ Led to Title

Robinson chose the Crimson Tide back in 2013 over blue blood programs Florida State, USC and in-state power Texas.

And in three seasons, the then 6-foot-4, 320-pounder from Fort Worth pummeled the trenches in Southeastern Conference (SEC) country: Producing 22 tackles for a loss and nine sacks through 39 games.

Robinson not only proved his worth on defense, but used his power and hands on special teams too when it came to opposing field goal attempts.

Oh, those Crimson Tide teams he played on? They didn’t lose more than two games in the three years he played. And, he walked away from Tuscaloosa a national champion – collecting three tackles including two solo stops in the 45-40 win over Clemson.

Robinson Much Leaner From His ‘Bama Days

There is a much different Robinson from the one who was hard to block at Alabama.

He didn’t just trim his beard that once blanketed over his throat, he’s dropped to 308-pounds for the start of training camp.

“I feel light, I feel faster, I feel more explosive,” Robinson said.

His reasoning behind the outer change? He doesn’t want to let down his linemen mates and other fellow defenders, plus he’s shooting for consistency with the rest of his guys.

“Honestly, just doing everything I need to do at a high rate. Be as consistent as I possibly can,” Robinson explained. “For me, I know those guys will be consistent so I have to go and make sure I do my job as consistent as I can and be as consistent as possible. Just keep my eyes on the prize and be as consistent as possible.”

He verbally illustrated that the defensive lineman room on the Rams has been workman-like, saying “Seeing everybody else work, everyone is looking at each other to help build, help be better and help build that consistency within that group that way there’s no relapses or anything. We all strive for greatness and we just push each other in whatever way we can be.”

Plus the newcomers through the draft Earnest Brown IV and Bobby Brown III have been sponges to Robinson and the other veteran Ram trench men, soaking up everything they’re being taught.

“They want to learn, they want to grow, there’s no complacency in them. They want to be better. Everything is about being better and that’s what we’re striving for, being better,” Robinson said.

The new-look Robinson is no stranger to facing high expectations, since he briefly reminded the L.A. media of his college past. He uses his Crimson Tide days to help approach this season with the Rams.

“Everything you do is always constantly on your mind, it’s always in your brain. Honestly, I think about everything I’ve done in the past all the time. Anything I can do to be better, I’m always working on being better and never thinking about how I can retract myself and do something worse. I want to be better.”

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