Rams’ Jalen Ramsey Calls Out Critics After AFC Exec Blasts Him

Jalen Ramsey

Getty Jalen Ramsey before the Rams' road game on November 15, 2021.

Looks like Jalen Ramsey went on the defense during the morning hours of Friday, July 6.

But instead of backpedaling and taking on the opposing No. 1 wide receiver, the Los Angeles Rams cornerback and captain decided to challenge whoever has questioned his gridiron resume.

And his series of tweets beginning at 8:02 a.m. Pacific time came on the same morning that an ESPN article featured an AFC executive blasting the All-Pro cornerback — which points to the reasoning behind Ramsey’s series of social media responses (NSFW disclaimer below).

What Article Said About Ramsey

Written by NFL insider Jeremy Fowler and shared at 4 a.m. Pacific time, he helped polled a list of the league’s top cornerbacks by having conversations with executives, owners and players.

No. 1 was the Super Bowl 56 champion. However, his ranking didn’t come without some telling criticism.

“Ramsey dominated the voting for a second consecutive year, but it’s noteworthy a few trusted evaluators didn’t have him in the top five,” Fowler wrote.

And that was when Fowler brought up a conversation he had with an AFC executive who was listed as unanimous.

“I think he’s falling off and a little overrated at this point,” the AFC executive said to Fowler. “Super Bowl, to me, is an indication of what it’s going to look like moving forward.”

From there, Fowler described how the voter “is referring to big plays from Cincinnati’s Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase with Ramsey in coverage during the title game.”

That’s not the only criticism toward Ramsey. One more personnel man told Fowler he doesn’t believe Ramsey is better than two cornerbacks who combined for 16 Pro Bowl appearances and seven All-Pro nods.

“He’s not as good as [Darrelle] Revis or Charles Woodson, but he’s the best in this era,” an NFL personnel director said. “He does everything well.”

What Ramsey Tweeted Out

Again, Ramsey took to the social media site to remind NFL fans of his resume.

“Stack up my first six years in the league to ANY corner in HISTORY! Three-time first team All-Pro and five-time Pro Bowler. Who else did that?” Ramsey asked.

Ramsey wasn’t finished after that tweet.

“It’s only like two in HISTORY with a resume like mine in six years,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey then received two backers in the form of past Super Bowl winning cornerbacks.

One was Aqib Talib, who told Ramsey that the Ram wins off his resume comparison.

The other was Richard Sherman, who told Ramsey “you are the standard right now.”

Ramsey Versus Revis/Woodson

In comparison to “Revis Island,” the legendary Jets CB was a four-time Pro Bowler and three time All-Pro in between his first and last season with “Gang Green” (2012) before heading to Tampa Bay. That was during his first six seasons.

As for the Hall of Famer Woodson, he went to four consecutive Pro Bowls in his first quartet of seasons in the league and earned one All-Pro nod.

Ramsey has only missed a Pro Bowl nod once — his rookie season of 2016. He’s collected his accolades since.

Back to Fowler’s conversation, he was told by one more NFL executive that Ramsey’s man coverage “was not great in 2021, that he wasn’t isolated in that matchup often and he gave up a high percentage of catches when he was.” Fowler then brought up how NFL Next Gen Stats’ coverage numbers say Ramsey allowed a 60.2% completion percentage (56 of 93) as the nearest defender in overall coverage but was “not specific to one scheme or philosophy.”

Yet, despite the criticism and the social media responses, there was one man described as a “high-ranking NFL coach” by Fowler who still thinks highly of Ramsey.

“Still a force, huge engine, fierce competitor, smart,” the high-ranking NFL coach said to Fowler. “Best tackler, hitter, blitzer of that group. He’s still the best right now.”

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