There’s Another 99 on the Rams: Jalen Ramsey Receives His Madden Score

Jalen Ramsey

Getty Jalen Ramsey goes for the swat against the Arizona Cardinals during the 2020 season.

The Los Angeles Rams now hold this claim: Producing two players with a 99 rating on Madden.

Along with Aaron Donald, who received his 99 score by the popular EA Sports video game on Tuesday, Jalen Ramsey is the other Ram who received the highest rating on Madden, landing in the 99 club on Thursday morning.

It’s the first time in Ramsey’s career he’s received the coveted high score.

Ramsey’s Business Manager Delivers the CB the News

Bryan Burney, who serves as the four-time Pro Bowler’s business partner, was the one who helped break the news of Ramsey’s Madden score.

How did Burney surprise his co-business partner? By helping pull up to his house in a van with a large box inside and two delivery men. And in that box: His score.

“He does not like surprises, but we’re going to do everything we can to surprise him,” Burney says in the video.

Part of the surprise: The men helping inform the third-year Rams cornerback of a delivery that has arrived, and an item that he looks like he needs to sign off on, just like any typical delivery to someone’s house.

However, one of the delivery men tells him “We’ll have you open it before we go away.”

Ramsey lifts the top of the box, fishes through the balloons inside the box and sees the sharpie marking that reads “Welcome to the club.” Ramsey opens the box and is all smiles with a long “Yeah!”

Ramsey Has Long Waited for the 99 Rating

Like most NFL players, Ramsey too grew up playing the immensely popular game among football fans and has longed envisioned one day he would receive the famed 99 score.

“I’ve been waiting on this one,” Ramsey said in the video.

Ramsey received his official “99 Club” card and a diamond necklace commemorating his score.

“It’s a little long overdue,” Ramsey said. “Y’all did the right thing.”

What does the “99 Club” mean for the two-time All-Pro cornerback who has been lauded by many pundits as the league’s most complete cornerback?

“Being in the 99 club means a lot because I’ve been playing Madden since I was a little kid,” Ramsey explained.

He did, however, say that his teammate and fellow club member should have a different score in the game.

“But all I know is that if I’m a 99, Aaron Donald better be a 105,” Ramsey stated.

There’s also this vision that Ramsey has for the Madden universe.

“We’re coming for the cover next,” Ramsey said. “Me and A.D., side-by-side.”

Ramsey is now the fifth player to receive the high score – joining Donald, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers and Kelce’s KC teammate Patrick Mahomes. Ramsey, however, joins Donald as the highest rated defenders in the video game. Here’s what the game said about Ramsey’s rating:

“There’s talented cornerbacks, then there’s Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey is the definition of shutdown in Madden NFL 22. Ramsey’s ratings give him tremendous versatility. If you like to user lurk with your DBs, Ramsey’s Speed, Acceleration, and Jumping totals make him one of the best options to control. But he also shines with AI in the driver’s seat, with 99s across nearly all coverage-related ratings. So regardless of your gameplay style, Ramsey covers enough of the field to not only force errors, but to turn them into game-changing turnovers. Combined with pressure up front, Ramsey can quickly become a nightmare for the offense.”

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