Once a 6th Rounder, Rams Safety Receives a New Title From Team [LOOK]

Jordan Fuller

Getty Jordan Fuller wraps up CeeDee Lamb of the Dallas Cowboys during the Los Angeles Ram safety's starting debut on September 13, 2020.

Jordan Fuller has had quite the ascension with the Los Angeles Rams, all after arriving as a sixth rounder.

Pick No. 199 in the 2020 NFL Draft has accomplished the following in chronological order: Start on the season opener, return from injured reserve, intercept seven-time Super Bowl champion and fellow 199th pick Tom Brady twice and during 2021 training camp, wear the coveted green dot on his helmet – meaning he relays the defensive signals on the field.

Now, the second-year safety will wear something new on his gameday uniform which was revealed on the evening of Wednesday, September 1: A “C” for captain.

The Rams announced their eight team captains following practice and the newest captain? The Ohio State Buckeye standout Fuller, who was voted a captain by his own team.

The 6-foot-2, 203-pounder’s newest football title is continued proof of how fast of a learner Fuller is plus how quick his fellow teammates trust the 23-year-old.

Rams Defensive Coordinator Fired Up for ‘Captain Fuller’

Once Raheem Morris was asked about his safety during the post practice presser interview, he immediately referred to him by his new title.

“Captain Fuller, man,” Morris said near the 8:05 mark of the video below. “I’m fired up to see him. And it’s something we’re all proud of.”

Raheem Morris & Kevin O'Connell Post-Practice Press ConferenceLos Angeles Rams coordinators Raheem Morris & Kevin O'Connell address the media after practice. Subscribe to the LA Rams Channel: bit.ly/3d9IrHe For More Exclusive Content follow the Rams: Twitter: twitter.com/ramsnfl Instagram: instagram.com/rams/ Facebook: facebook.com/Rams/ Website: therams.com Get the latest on the LA Rams news, photos, and more by downloading the app! Android: bit.ly/3fOjmU7 iOS: apple.co/2Nrijgw…2021-09-01T23:46:02Z

So how did a safety who once nearly fell to the seventh round and had to battle back from a shoulder injury show enough to convince everyone around him that he deserves the “C” patch? Morris points to his attitude.

“The guy has an even calm, nothing’s going to bother him, type of demeanor that you need to have for that green dot,” Morris said.

But another reason? How Fuller plays the strong safety position.

“He’s got great range on the back end,” Morris said. “He plays with ultimate confidence, he’s an easy guy to coach and talk to within all the fiery moments from a coach, from a player and from any standpoint to be able to communicate it. You just love being around the kid.”

A Rarity for Second Year Players

Not every second-year NFL player is built the same way, especially from a leadership standpoint.

For some, it takes awhile to reach captain status. And when it comes to the Rams’ defense, the leadership starts in the trenches with Aaron Donald and then goes to cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

But now, the Rams have their third defensive captain who, fittingly, is joining Donald and Ramsey.

Even a longtime NFL coach and defensive mind like Morris told the L.A. media that it’s not common for a second-year defender to ascend to leadership status.

“You know, it’s really rare,” Morris said. “But you know you’re talking about a special human. And to watch him grow with his team – you know his team voted him a captain – that is extremely special and extremely rare. And it says a lot about the young man.

“You know everybody is a little bit different. You know I’ve been around a couple of fortunate guys that’s come in and contributed. I don’t know if I’ve been around a guy like Fuller who can come in and contribute and also take a leadership role and take a certain responsibility to his guys with the examples. He’s been a stellar example for me since I’ve been here and for his guys.”

Fuller was given his latest gridiron elevation, and it led to congratulatory social media postings. Among them: One from the Twitter account of his college alma mater.

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