L.A. Ram Fans Share Mixed Feelings About New Mask Ruling for Games

SoFi Stadium

Getty Los Angeles Rams fans are now encouraged to wear masks at future home games, a new ruling stated on Tuesday.

There will be more mask wearers at the next Los Angeles Rams game at SoFi Stadium, due to a new ruling that sparked mixed feelings from fans.

The team announced Tuesday Evening that all fans must wear masks inside the Inglewood venue, which includes Saturday’s contest against the Las Vegas Raiders. Fans can remove masks in locations where one can eat and drink inside SoFi.

The move also follows what the Raiders implemented for future home games inside their venue Allegiant Stadium.

Just last week, SoFi Stadium and L.A. County allowed fans to sit in their seats and roam around the stadiums without needing to wear a mask.

The Complete Ruling That was Announced

Here’s the statement that came from rams.com that announced the new mandates:

“In alignment with a revised order issued today by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on outdoor mega events (10,000 or more attendees), fans will be required to wear masks in seats and in all locations inside SoFi Stadium – except when actively eating or drinking – regardless of vaccination status, beginning with this Saturday’s preseason home game against the Raiders.

“The Rams will continue to follow public health guidelines to keep attendees safe. The Rams also remind fans to please stay home if they feel sick or have close contact with someone who has COVID-19.”

Mixed Reaction to New Ruling

Ram fans have spent Tuesday evening following the update to Wednesday morning chiming in about the new rule. One fan took to Twitter around 8:10 a.m. PT Wednesday to announce he prefers to watch at home after reading comments.

Another fan became so disgruntled, he announced the possibility of putting season tickets up for sale.

And another who wants a reimbursement.

One fan, however, agreed with the ruling judging from what he saw from the Rams/Chargers game.

Another fan is also on board with the mask update.

One other Rams fan offered this suggestion.

Radio talk show host Tom Leykis reacted by joking how there’s no mask mandates at home.

Online Humor Shared Toward the Eating/Drinking Rule

Along with a viral fight that has since led to bans for those who took part, there was one other dilemma at SoFi Stadium: The quality of food.

L.A. radio personality and longtime columnist Arash Markazi tweeted these images on Monday following his experiences with the SoFi food.

Thomas Williams of Yahoo! Sports also offered up his humorous take in his Tuesday article:

“The pizza that looks like it was dragged on the floor of a cheap Italian restaurant, and the hot dog that shrivelled up like you’re trying to vacuum seal your duvet, are simply no competition to the grotesquely long burger.

Despite the menu declaring it is a “cheeseburger sub” this hunk of Americana appears to have the dryness of an Arizona drought; the meat cooked to an ungodly level of well done that might have the texture of a brick from a New York brownstone, or will simply crumble under the faintest amount of pressure as you try to actually enjoy watching the Chargers play the game of football. Underneath the bread and butter pickles that were forked out of a jar from the back, after it was dusted off, is a too-long slice of American cheese that is just extremely unsettling. Whether it is the thickness of it or the way it droops down, hanging out of the concoction, it’s disturbing.”

Yet, some fans are willing to give the food a try, even if it means slow bites.

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