New Rams OC Unveils First Course of Action in Newest Role


Getty Baker Mayfield looks to throw while facing pressure on January 8, 2023 in Seattle.

New Los Angeles Rams offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur had the first of what will eventually become multiple sessions with the L.A. media on Tuesday, February 7.

Normally, when a new member of the staff addresses the influx of reporters for their first interviewing meeting, one question that’s often asked is what is the first order of business at the job? And in the case of LaFleur, what’s on his mind first in taking over a Rams offensive unit that ranked 32nd in yards?

For LaFleur, it’s nothing schematically he’s thinking about. The first thing on his mind: Watching the staff get complete then proceed to the players from there.

“Right now my mind is totally into, let’s finish the staff, and then let’s get to know these players,” LaFleur said. “Let’s figure out what our roster is going to be moving forward, and then let’s get the foundation of what this 2023 Rams offense is going to be. And then whatever happens in August through December, I’m going to be there to support and do my part.”

Currently, the Rams still have the offensive line coach position to fill. LaFleur’s past co-worker with the Jets John Benton was the last coach linked as a possibility to the opening. The team recently added Nick Caley to coach the tight ends on Monday. LaFleur is holding off on implementing his blueprint for the Rams offense until it’s time to return to the Thousand Oaks practice field.

LaFleur Details Why Rams Opportunity Intrigued Him

LaFleur became available immediately after the 2022 season after he and the New York Jets went a different direction and parted ways.

While his name was linked to other offensive coordinator openings, what was what it about the Rams that convinced him that this was the ideal fit?

“It was a pretty simple decision: You’re going into an organization that has won, knows how to win, wants to win, has the right system and process and culture in place to win,” LaFleur explained.

The fact he’s also walking into a building with a distinguished offensive mind in Sean McVay added more intrigue for LaFleur.

“And to be able to do it with great people, not just Sean, but the rest of the staff…what more could you ask for?” LaFleur asked.

LaFleur added his relationship with McVay began when the Rams head coach was in Washington as the offensive coordinator and “stayed connected with him the whole time.”

LaFleur’s Brother Also Chimed in With his Own Rams Experiences With the New OC

It’ll be the second time McVay will have a LaFleur on his staff, as Matt Lafleur was his offensive coordinator in 2017 before taking over the Green Bay Packers.

Did Matt tell his younger brother about working in the Rams organization and what to expect?

“He’s told me a lot,” LaFleur answered. “Obviously, even in 2017 being in the same division (when Mike LaFleur was with the San Francisco 49ers as passing game coordinator), we still talk quite a bit. You obviously had to be cautious about what you were saying because we were in the same division. But loved working in this organization not just obviously with Sean but just all the guys Kevin [Demoff] and Les [Snead] and this whole building.”

Again, LaFleur is taking his time with helping install his philosophies into the offense. But his first session with the L.A. media showed how enthusiastic he is about taking on his new gig.

“There’s a lot of great people in this building. Fired up to be here,” LaFleur said.

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