Rams Legends Send Message on $50 Million Addition: Exclusive

Bobby Wagner

Getty Bobby Wagner during July 29, 2022 Rams camp

Once the “Rams House” and “Bills Mafia” fill up SoFi Stadium to kick off the 2022 season on Thursday, September 8, the Los Angeles Rams will officially unveil additional star power on the field, in the form of a $50 million addition.

The NFL kickoff game marks the debut of Bobby Wagner in a Rams uniform. He’ll go from lining up against the Rams 20 times including the playoffs in his career to wearing the Rams horns in his newest NFL chapter.

So much has been asked around the Rams regarding how well Wagner will fit the defense and what elements he brings on the field. But two Ram legends, both All-Pro nominees and one who even had to face Wagner on offense before, spoke exclusively with Heavy to chime in on Wagner’s addition and dove into what impact “B Wagz” will have.

Andrew Whitworth on Wagner

Andrew Whitworth was once in on Rams offensive meetings where they had to game plan blocking schemes against Wagner.

“Big Whit” has since retired and will now watch Wagner and the Rams operate together as a member of the Amazon broadcast crew. Whitworth watched the Rams become one of the league’s best pass rushing units during his final season in the league. However, Whitworth gave this bold prediction to Heavy about how Wagner will fare.

“Bobby Wagner is one of those guys who will make such an improvement in the way all those guys think in his room, plus how the linebackers and the secondary work together,” Whitworth said. “Guys will see an elite performer but will also see an elite communicator. He has an elite trait for leading and teaching the game to these guys. That impact can never be left aside.”

Wagner is expected to not only add to the tackle pileup in L.A. But he’s anticipated to bring a stout lead by example attitude.

“It’s not just how he’ll play, it’s going to be the impact he has on guys around him and how much that’s going to alter their career. It’s not just his play that’s going to be great, but his impact he’s going have in the locker room and that defense,” Whitworth said.

Whitworth is the former Ram who sent the message of how impactful Wagner will be. But a current Ram and perennial Pro Bowler will soon get to team with him.

Aaron Donald on Wagner

Aaron Donald will soon line up in front of the longtime rival of the Rams and penetrate through offensive lines — helping clear the path for Wagner to wreck havoc.

“A.D” additionally echoed what Whitworth said about Wagner’s leadership intangibles and has described what he’s seen so far.

“Honestly, having a guy like Bobby Wagner…obviously he’s a great football player, a great leader but I’ve been a fan of his for years,” Donald told Heavy. “But to actually see him live and getting the opportunity to play with him at practice and camp and just to see how he’s able to flow and swarm to the ball, people don’t understand he can pass rush the quarterback too. He’s a guy you’ve got to put an offensive lineman on if you put him with a back. Ten times out of 10 he’s going to beat that back. He’s a special type of talent.”

Donald concludes “You couldn’t ask for a better piece to the puzzle. Having a guy like Bobby Wagner made us that much stronger of a defense. Going to be a great year.”

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