Rams Receive a Shocking Backer Before the Super Bowl vs. Cincinnati

Deebo Samuel Jalen Ramsey

Getty Deebo Samuel dives for the end zone as Jalen Ramsey trails behind during the NFC title game won by the Rams on Sunday, January 30.

Deebo Samuel spent his 2021 breakout season frustrating the Los Angeles Rams three times — regardless if he caught, ran or threw a touchdown pass against L.A.

The “wide back” not only combined for 5 total touchdowns in three meetings, but sparked both the San Francisco 49ers‘ regular season comeback pursuit in the first meeting versus the Rams, then helped fire up the comeback win by the 49ers in the Week 18 road win to seal a final playoff spot.

The 49ers’ All-Pro even took a dig at the Rams’ fan base after S.F. defeated the Rams to end the regular season, saying how SoFi Stadium didn’t have many Ram fans and purposely pumped noise, mentioned in this Heavy on 49ers story. He additionally called out the Rams’ ticket plans before the NFC title game, featured in this Heavy on 49ers article.

But Samuel and his ‘Niners aren’t representing the NFC in the Sunday, February 13 Super Bowl because the Rams ended their championship pursuit in an epic and close conference title game won by L.A. 20-17. This means Samuel has animosity toward the Rams and is rocking with the “Who Dey” nation by picking the Cincinnati Bengals, right?

Samuel delivered who he’s “rocking with” on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday, February 9…and his answer will certainly capture the eyes and ears of the “Rams House,” perhaps even the 49ers faithful.

Samuel Makes his Pick

Long story short, Stephen A. Smith yelled out five words: “I need a pick Deebo!”

And Samuel made his pick — a shocking one at that.

“I’m going to rock with the Rams,” Samuel said. “I’m rockin’ with the Rams on this one.”

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Well well…it goes to show that even rivals can support rivals. And in this case, Samuel is taking the side of the Rams, putting aside his rivalry with the team.

Samuel Gives Reason why Bengals Could Struggle

The “wide back” who played in his first Pro Bowl of his career on Sunday, February 6 in Las Vegas did a breakdown of why the underdog Bengals could be due for a struggle against the Rams. It all starts in the trenches.

“In my honest opinion, it’s going to be, if you look back at the Bengals playing the Titans, (the Titans) sacked (Joe Burrow) nine times,” Samuel explained. “And they (Cincy) don’t have no Aaron Donald, no Von Miller, no Leonard Floyd, and those guys up front is a monster.”

Samuel would know from personal experience. In the two regular season meetings won by the 49ers, Samuel’s quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was still sacked a combined four times. The Rams’ pass rush, in general, produced 50 sacks to take third in the league. Cincinnati’s protection is already facing this dilemma noted by Fox Sports’ NFL twitter account on Wednesday:

One member of the Bengals’ offensive line, center Trey Hopkins, already knows that this Rams’ unit led by Donald will be a hard one to control up front.

Samuel unveiled a key for the Bengals if they were to secure their first Vince Lombardi Trophy.

“If you could prevent them (the Rams’ pressure) from getting back there almost every play, which is hard, they got a chance,” Samuel said. “But if not, it’s going to be a very, very long game.”

The entire First Take interview can be watched here.

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