Rams to Meet With Aggressive Man Coverage Defender, Prospect Says

Jalen Ramsey

Getty Jalen Ramsey wraps up P.J. Walker following a cornerback blitz on October 16, 2022 in Inglewood.

Perhaps the Los Angeles Rams don’t need to go very far to find their potential replacement for Jalen Ramsey. A local standout 13 miles away from SoFi Stadium is coming to them ready to show his skills.

Mekhi Blackmon of USC revealed after his Pro Day on Tuesday, March 21 that he has a meeting lined up with the Rams: Their own Pro Day for nearby prospects. The versatile defensive back already likes one element the Rams love to do defensively, which suits his style of play.

“They play man, and that’s what I play,” Blackmon said to reporters. “I’ll be at their local pro day, so looking forward to getting in front of those guys.”

The Colorado transfer Blackmon was among the 15 participants who braved the monsoon-like conditions at Allyson Felix Field on the USC campus. The sun officially didn’t break through the storm clouds until after the participants ran their 40-yard dashes.

Mekhi Blackmon Brings Versatility Rams Could Covet

When Ramsey was dealt away to the Miami Dolphins, it not only left a significant hole in the Rams’ secondary but in the process, L.A. lost its most versatile defensive back.

Blackmon, at only 5-foot-11, 178-pounds, is nowhere near as towering as the 6-foot-1 Ramsey. However, he plays with the instincts that defenses like the Rams should clamor for:

While with the Buffaloes, Blackmon showed he can use his IQ and break off from his wide receiving assignment to still break up the potential first down:

But again, man coverage is where Blackmon turns it up a notch — as seen here versus Tulane in his last college football game ever.

While the Rams are interested in seeing more from Blackmon, he revealed how many other teams he’s spoken to.

“I’ve talked to pretty much every team. Some teams more than once,” Blackmon said.

USC found ways to throw him in against slot wide receivers and in taking on the perimeter targets. Blackmon says the teams he’s speaking with are already giving him an idea of where to get him situated.

“Some teams say nickel, others say strictly outside. So it’ll be interesting to see,” Blackmon said.

In the rain and in front of NFL reps on Tuesday, Blackmon showed he can get deep in his coverage while also showing his knack for breaking on the ball, even despite the wet field conditions.

Mekhi Blackmon Credits NFL Targets for Elevating his Game

While Blackmon only had one season in the “Land of Troy,” it was enough to make him feel like sharpened iron.

“I’d say I really shot up last year. I had a really good offense that prepped me with going against Jordan (Addison) and Mario (Williams) every day was only good for me,” Blackmon said.

Addison, who didn’t run the 40-yard dash but still performed in receiver drills, was mocked to No. 15 to the Green Bay Packers by CBS Sports Tuesday. Not only did Blackmon use Addison to better his game as a defender, he used the NFL Scouting Combine as added motivation that he could stack up with others.

“I feel like I was underestimated. Just me showing out and going against guys who were ranked higher than me before the combine is real good to show guys what I can do,” Blackmon said.

He has no real say with where he’ll land during the weekend of April 27. But, he’s heard plenty of positive feedback and figures to have his name called.

“I’d say scouts take it into account, knowing me as a man corner. I was one of the highest graded, so I feel like they see that. And the way they’re speaking to me, I’m looking forward to draft day,” he said.

Now, he’ll soon have an opportunity to show the Rams what he’s capable of at their local event…and perhaps get the Rams to place a local name on their draft board.

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