Sean McVay Denies Making a Slight Toward Former Rams Quarterback

Sean McVay Jared Goff

Getty Sean McVay ended up clarifying remarks he made on Thursday indicating he was in a "good mood" because Matthew Stafford was now his quarterback. McVay said his comments were never meant as a slight toward his former quarterback Jared Goff.

It was supposed to be a simple news conference conducted by the Super Bowl host committee on Thursday featuring Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay and his new quarterback Matthew Stafford taking questions.

It ends, though, with McVay clarifying remarks in the attempt to ensure his words weren’t taken out of context regarding his previous Rams quarterback Jared Goff.

When asked about how he feels about his newest quarterback Matthew Stafford, McVay revealed his mood, saying “I think I’ve been very happy. Everybody says, ‘Man, you just seem like you’re in a better mood this offseason,’ and I said, ‘Damn right I am.'”

Immediately after that sound bite, many Twitter users, plus the reporters on site at the media session, wondered if the fifth-year head coach was already favoring his brand new quarterback over the one who helped guide L.A. to the 2019 NFC title.

McVay Clears Up Remarks

Following Thursday evening’s open practice session that allowed fans of the Rams to attend for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic, McVay was asked about the previous statements he made. Rams beat reporter Lindsey Thiry of ESPN tweeted that McVay claimed his words were misconstrued.

Then, McVay posted a lengthier statement online which read as follows:

“I hate that I even have to say this but I think I made a comment that was definitely taken out of context. I am very excited. I am in a good mood because of the confidence that I have in this team. But by no means is that a slight to anybody, you know, like Jared, who has done a phenomenal job for the last four years here. I hated that I even have to address that but I did think out of respect for him and all the good things he’s done, I am in a good mood but that doesn’t mean it’s not because we’re working together or because of just Stafford exclusively, there’s a lot of good things going on that I feel really good about and I’m confident about. So don’t twist my words when I didn’t say that. Alright, thank you.”

Where Did It All Fall Apart Between McVay and Goff?

On March 24, Thiry and fellow ESPN reporter Michael Rothstein pieced together an explosive account detailing the fractured relationship between McVay and Goff. Among the excerpts from the story include reports of McVay cussing out his now former quarterback and members of the Rams getting excited about John Wolford starting ahead of Goff.

Two weeks after the Rams were eliminated by the Green Bay Packers in the NFC playoffs, L.A. went ahead and traded the former California Golden Bear Goff and two future first round draft picks to the Detroit Lions in exchange for Matthew Stafford.

McVay, Stafford and the rest of the Rams got the chance to perform in front of their fans and former Rams to end minicamp. SoFi Stadium and L.A. County Public Health allowed fan attendance for the Thursday evening open practice with nearly 30,000 in attendance. McVay spoke about Stafford at the 1:44 mark of this NFL Network video with Omar Ruiz.