Jimmy Butler’s Coffee Brand Partners Up With Famous Baker For Art Basel

Jimmy Butler

Zak The Baker IG Jimmy Butler teams up with Zak The Baker

Side hustles and projects are also part of the NBA life for many of the players. This is what occupies their time and eventually helps many of them have a career outside of their actual career as athletes. This is what Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler decided to do in the coffee industry when he embarked on the Big Face Brand journey.

Now the brand is being looked at as and has a life of its own.  Butler’s brand is growing to such an extent that many in the coffee industry are going to keep a close eye on how it is developed.

One of the ways that the this brand will definitely start to gain even more traction is by becoming present in the eyes of locals and tourists alike. This is why Jimmy Buckets latest move comes at the perfect time during one of the busiest times of year in South Florida’s tourist season.

Jimmy Teams Up With Zak

Famous Miami-based baker and restauranteur Zak Stern announced on his Instagram account on Thursday that his business was teaming up with Butler as he will be serving Big Face Brand coffee during Art Basel, the internationally famous and massively attended art exhibit that is held both on South Beach and Wynwood

As confirmed to Heavy, the business will only be serving the coffee and not selling the beans that can be found on Big Face’s official site.

Zak The Baker is an institution in South Florida gastronomic circles. Since opening nearly a decade ago, this business is synonymous with the growth that the Wynwood area had during that time. His place is one of the popular stops that are made by locals and tourists alike in the Wynwood area.

Stern complimented Butler during his official announcement on his Instagram page as he pointed out how rare it is to see a player like the four-time All-NBA team member “take on a craft-based side hustle”.

From The Talk Of The Bubble To An Actual Business

Big Face Brand first started to gain publicity during the 2020 season when the NBA headed to the bubble in Orlando in a massive effort to finish off the campaign. One of the big stories of that season when Jimmy “opened up”  the first version of Big Face in side the hotel where the Heat and a few other teams were staying during that time period.

Jimmy Butler Starts New Business Inside His Hotel RoomJimmy Butler has started Big Face Coffee. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below! Rick Strom TWITTER: twitter.com/rickstrom INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/rickystrom FACEBOOK: facebook.com/StromRick Follow TYT Sports on Facebook! facebook.com/TYTsports TYT Sports – one of the most dynamic sports shows on YouTube – is coming to Tune In! We cover all…2020-10-06T20:23:29Z

Butler began to gain publicity when he started charging $20 a pop for cups of coffee to the other players in the bubble.

As time passed and he was developing the brand, he was able to make lots of content with the final product in mind.

Jimmy Butler Giving Life Lessons About Big Face Coffee!LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CONTENT LIKE THIS! – Jimmy Butler Giving Life Lessons About Big Face Coffee! – Follow me on Instagram for more instagram.com/hoophits Follow me on Twitter for more twitter.com/hoophits2020-10-30T19:04:45Z

When his brand finally went live this past October, he began to make waves with this high-end, gourmet coffee from El Salvador that he was beginning to distribute. The Salvadorean Geisha that  “best cups of coffee in the world”.

Heat Injured And Struggling

Butler’s lighthearted story is a bit of a change of pace from their recent run of bad news.

Miami find themselves having lost their last two home games and injuries begin to take their toll on some.  The 26-point loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers was the least of their problems at the end of the day with all the other things that ended up occurring on Wednesday. With Bam Adebayo’s absence and other players that are struggling, the Heat embark on a very difficult 23-day stretch just before Christmas where they will play 11 games during that time.

During that time, the Heat will face Milwaukee twice as well as the Bulls, Cavs, Grizzlies and Sixers during that stretch.


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