Heat Linked to 25-Year-Old All-Star in Blockbuster Trade Proposal

Jaylen Brown and Jimmy Butler

Getty Jaylen Brown #7 of the Boston Celtics and Jimmy Butler #22 of the Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have been linked to the Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz in trade rumors for their superstars Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell. The rumors come as the Heat continue to pursue another star to team with Jimmy Butler this offseason. However, getting a star has often required them to have to trade one of their stars Bam Adebayo and the team remains unlikely to do so. Adebayo would have to be included in any trade for Donovan Mitchell as the two can’t play together because both of them are on a rookie extension. Brooklyn has been consistent in the deal needing to have Bam involved to get a trade completed. So in order to trade for either star, Adebayo would need to be involved, thus halting discussions. 

If the Heat can’t deal for Durant or Mitchell, then they may look for other stars to bring to South Beach. One option that emerged over the weekend was trading for Jaylen Brown from the Boston Celtics. Adam Borai, a contributor for Bleacher Report and SI noted that the Heat could look to Brown as a plan B. 

“If KD is Boston-Bound, I’d keep my eyes on MIA trying to get involved in the deal to try & snag Jaylen Brown. Brown, a FA in 2 years, has BIG fans within certain high ranking Heat officials, according to sources. He’s so well-liked that some would even prefer him over Mitchell,” Borai tweeted

Could Brown be Traded to Miami?

After being included in multiple trade rumors in Boston, it could be unlikely that Brown would re-sign with the Celtics with them tossing his name into multiple rumors. The latest includes Jaylen Brown as a potential centerpiece in Kevin Durant discussions, and Brown was left shaking his head at the latest rumors. If Brown really does have big fans among the Heat’s brass, then they could be a top potential trade partner. 

Knowing that the Heat would like to keep Bam Adebayo in any trade discussions, let’s look at one potential deal that the Heat could offer to Boston for Brown. 

Miami Heat Receive: Jaylen Brown

Boston Celtics Receive: Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, and Nikola Jovic.

Boston including Brown in trade discussions is surprising, but it makes sense for Kevin Durant. However, if they aren’t dealing for one of the NBA’s 75 Best All-Time players like Durant, there is likely no urgency to deal Brown. When a deal for Brown makes sense is only if the Celtics fear the relationship is hurt and the All-Star could walk in free agency. 

Tyler Herro has tremendous upside and has the value that could keep Adebayo out of the deal. Robinson’s sharpshooting could be a perfect fit to stretch the floor as a member of the Celtics. And Jovic also has been hailed as an excellent draft pick for Miami and a good final piece to make the salaries work in the deal. 

Other Potential Heat Moves

With a deal for Brown being unlikely this season, the Heat will still look for other players as a Durant or Mitchell fallback plan. They have been linked to young players with potential like Collin Sexton and Cam Reddish, or could also add a veteran big man like LaMarcus Aldridge or Montrezl Harrell

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