Miami Heat Guard Becoming a Dad? Katya Henry Teases Pregnancy

Tyler Herro, Katya Elise Henry

Getty/Instagram Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro is having a baby with girlfriend Katya Elise Henry.

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro is one of the most popular young stars in the NBA, and his model girlfriend, Katya Elise Henry, who has 8.1 Instagram followers, has fans wondering if the boy wonder is about to be a first-time father.

After months of speculative rumors that Henry, 26, was with child, on April 1, she posted then deleted what looked like legitimate sonogram photos on Twitter. In case there was any confusion as to who was the baby daddy, Henry tagged Herro in the post.

Eagle-eyed fans pointed out that Henry’s real name, birthdate, and the day’s date were featured on the sonogram photos, fueling the belief that despite the date, she was not just pulling an April Fool’s Day prank.

While April Fool’s Day has come and gone, the speculation over whether or not Herro and Henry are welcoming a child continues. One Twitter user claimed on April 12, “Katya Henry definitely pregnant y’all. I seent it at Brunch lol.”

Henry has been a constant presence on Herro’s social media ever since she joined him in the NBA bubble during the Heat’s run in the 2019 Finals. In addition to modeling, Henry, who was previously romantically linked to Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma, has her own fitness website and workout apparel line.

Photos of Henry Casually Hiding Her Stomach Or Wearing Baggy Clothing Fueled Baby Rumors

Henry regularly posts Instagram photos of herself wearing a thong bikini and no top, pictures that show off her hard-earned body curves, so when she shared a series of photos from the back with an arm casually placed in from of her stomach, her comments section started blowing up with followers asking whether or not she was pregnant.

Henry captioned a photo on March 28 with the caption, “the real glow up was never external,” which inspired her followers to comment, “we know your preggers” and “SHOW US ALREADYYY!!!!”

Even if Henry wears a billowy top or dress, thousands of fans comment asking “Are you pregnant?” or claim to see a baby bump. On April Fool’s Day, Henry might’ve posted the sonogram just to clap back at users online continuously inquiring if she’s pregnant, an incredibly invasive and inappropriate question to ask when unprompted.

The model has also posted numerous photos of herself that do reveal her stomach. Three weeks ago, she posed in this barely-there swimsuit, but after she posted a picture with her stomach covered two days later, the questions returned.

In February, while sharing a sneak peek of a photoshoot, Henry wore a top with bell-bottom sleeves, so when she held her arms up, the sleeves created the illusion of a round belly.

The rumors surrounding Herro and Henry becoming parents first started in December 2020, when the model posted a photo of the couple with the caption, “mom & dad 2020.” However, many couples playfully refer to themselves as “Mom” and “Dad” even if they don’t have children, nor does it mean they’re expecting.

Many couples use “Mom” and “Dad” terms in captions when they are parents to pets. Herro and Henry share two cats together and they both regularly feature on their fur babies on Instagram.

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