Jim Harbaugh Has a Conspiracy Theory About Chicken



Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh is known to be a quarterback whisperer. He helped Andrew Luck become the number one pick in the draft during his time at Stanford. And he helped Colin Kaepernick become a Super Bowl caliber quarterback for the 49ers. This year, he will mentor Shea Patterson, who transferred to Michigan from the University of Mississippi this year.

Jim Harbaugh is also known to be a peculiar guy, and the latest story about the football coach might just be the strangest one yet — and that’s saying something. Former Michigan QB Wilton Speight told Bleacher Report that Harbaugh spoke with him privately to advise the QB not to eat chicken.

Speight, confused, asked for an explanation, and Harbaugh replied by saying chicken is “a nervous bird.” Of course, that makes no sense, but Harbaugh apparently has a theory about white meat.

“He thinks some type of sickness injected its way into the human population when people began eating white meats instead of beef and pork, Speight said. Yes, this sounds too absurd to be true, but Speight was adamant that Harbaugh “believes it, 100 percent.”

If you know anything about Harbaugh, it’s really not all that surprising that he apparently has a bonkers opinion on chicken consumption.

He once tweeted at Judge Judy to congratulate to congratulate the TV judge on her contract extension.

To describe spring practice in 2015, Harbaugh said: “It’s like coming out of the mother’s womb…Now you are out into the chaos.”

Despite making roughly $7 million a year, Harbaugh almost exclusively wears $8 pleated khakis from Walmart, which have become his calling card of sorts.

By far, though, the weirdest Harbaugh anecdote is the time he slept on the floor of a recruit’s room. While recruiting the nation’s top kicking prospect Quinn Nordin, Harbaugh showed up at Nordin’s house at 12:01 a.m. (the first minute allowed). Harbaugh wanted to watch a movie with Nordin and then said he should sleep there, too. Nordin offered the coach a guest room, but Harbaugh volunteered to sleep on the floor of his room.