Cam Newton Explains His Hairstyle and Fashion

Getty Cam Newton

If you’ve ever been to a forum or read a comment section attached to a Cam Newton article, you’ve seen the questions, jokes, and memes. People either celebrate or take shots at the New England Patriots‘ newly signed quarterbacks hairstyle and fashion.

Hating on Cam Newton

Whether it’s just a simple stylistic disconnection or some other more heinous motive behind the more vicious, but veiled remarks, people come for Newton simply because he dresses different, and is expressive on the field and off of it.

Newton doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for his style choices but during a recent conversation with the Cleveland Browns’ Odell Beckham Jr., former New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz, and Atlanta Falcons running back Todd Gurley, Newton opened up about the method to what some might describe as madness.

Cam Newton Speaks on Style and Self Expression

Take a look and listen as Newton explains why he grew his hair out, and why he dresses the way he does.

Not everyone is going like Newton’s, or anyone else’s choice of attire. However, there are far worse ways to express yourself.

Don’t think for a minute there isn’t something for Newton to gain by the way he carries himself off the field. His social media posts on Twitter and Instagram are worth a fortune. Before you go saying, “yeah, he’s all about his brand,” ask yourself how many trademarks does Tom Brady own? TB12 and vitamin supplements are all a part of Brady’s machine, as well they should be. He’s the one taking hits, spending hours perfecting his craft. Just like Newton, they have earned the influence and leadership responsibilities they carry.

Despite some more narrow-minded opinions, there is more than one way to lead, and leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The only thing that matters is effective leadership. If you take a look around the league and you hear what other players say about Newton, you’ll get an understanding as to how effective a leader he has been in the league.

When you do this on Thanksgiving, you can wear whatever you want.

When it’s all said in done, Newton is a polarizing and unique individual with a rare set of skills for the football and an unapologetic on and off the field.

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