Cam Newton Talks Panthers’ Deception and Disrespect [WATCH]

Getty Cam Newton

The New England Patriots‘ Cam Newton sat with Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham Jr., and Todd Gurley to discuss social issues and their upcoming seasons. Newton spoke about each subject, but he was particularly candid about the manner in which he was told the Carolina Panthers were going in a different direction.

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Watch Cam Newton Talk About Falling Out of Favor With the Carolina Panthers

At the 41:30 mark, Newton begins to speak about how the Panthers began to phase him out of their plans. It’s fascinating to hear a player speak so honestly about one of the more humbling experiences that most athletes have to endure at some point in their careers.

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It appears Newton may have been understanding of the business side of the things–as it pertains to how Kyle Allen took over as his replacement while he sat out with injuries, which he admits was his choice. Newton says he did begin to feel the tide shift away from him, and that he believes it was beginning to “mess with” Allen as well.

Nonetheless, Newton says he wasn’t too troubled by this dynamic because he thought he was being allowed to heal and regain his spot once he was healthy. Well, guys named Drew Bledsoe and Alex Smith can tell Newton that’s not always the way it works out.

Still, Newton’s biggest gripe came with the Panthers seemingly being unwilling to tell him straight up, we’re moving on, and we’re going to try to trade you. Instead, Newton says, the organization he’d played his entire career with, won an MVP for, and led to the Super Bowl, simply sent his agent a text message to notify him of their decision.

Panthers’ Decision Could Lead to Patriots’ Gold

Because of COVID-19, Newton says he’s been unable to travel and workout for teams. He also says he knows the teams that chose to pass on him as well. You’d have to believe we’re talking about teams like the Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Indianapolis Colts, and Las Vegas Raiders.

Newton is using what he perceives as disrespect as motivation heading into the 2020 season. From all visual indications, Newton looks to be in fantastic shape. He passed his physical a couple weeks ago and has continued to work out with several of his new teammates like Mohamed Sanu, N’Keal Harry, Devin Asiasi, and others. As Newton says in the video, the Patriots will be able to run a lot of things they couldn’t with Tom Brady at quarterback.

That was an obvious point to his athleticism, and he also says he told the Patriots, they’re getting “a ticked-off dog.” Hopefully, COVID-19 will allow us to see and hear him bark.

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