Cam Newton’s Outfit Upon Arrival in Boston Draws Funny Fan Response

Getty Cam Newton

No matter what happens, Cam Newton‘s outfit always steals the show. The New England Patriots‘ new quarterback arrived in Boston on Wednesday, and he didn’t appear to plan to speak to local media. However, somehow, they got wind of his arrival and a small crew was there waiting for him near baggage claim.

As the news crew followed him through the airport, any fan who hadn’t already noticed the 6’5″ 245-pound quarterback with his signature hat and slightly understated single-collar walking suit seemed to be alerted of his identity all at once.

As the local ABC reporters successfully procured a few words from the newest Patriots player, you can hear a pretty funny comment from a fan in the background.

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‘Clean-As-A-Whistle’ Cam Newton’s Arrival and His First Interview With Local Media

Newton looks borderline exhausted as he walks from baggage claim, but still graciously answers the reporter’s questions. During a pause, you can hear an admiring fan yell, “That boy clean as a whistle.”

It almost sounded as if it was like something out of a comedy film like the iconic Friday, starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. The gentlemen certainly meant the outburst as a compliment. Newton is probably so used to drawing a reaction out of people with his outfits and style, he didn’t even flinch or bat an eye.

That said, I was impressed with the way he handled the brief time with the media considering he wasn’t really prepared to speak to his new fanbase

Cam Newton’s Production Company Shoots a Color Video

Newton already had plans to have his arrival filmed. His production company Iconic Saga took the following short video before fans and the media caught a sight of Newton.


Newton and Iconic Saga’s Instagram accounts have been a great source of content and a way to monitor the former 2015 NFL MVP’s road to recovery from an injury-plagued 2019.

However, aside from the interview and the short video captured at Boston Logan Airport, fans and WDHD’s Chelsi McDonald also took a few photos of Newton.

This is just the beginning of the rush to capture, record, and photograph Newton during the early stages of his stay with the Patriots. The team is undoubtedly hoping he continues to grow in popularity because that will likely mean the team is winning.


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