Patriots Signaling Cam Newton as QB1 After Big Instagram Welcome Video

Getty Cam Newton

It hasn’t been made official, but all signs seem to point to the New England Patriots naming Cam Newton their starting quarterback. The 31-year-old veteran was welcomed by the team on July 8 with a dynamic Instagram video that doesn’t seem like something an organization would do for someone they only brought in to compete for a job.

Take a look for yourself:

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Hungrier than ever.

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Patriots Haven’t Made an Announcement

It’s important to note, the Patriots haven’t made an announcement on their starter. In fact, the team’s official website lists both Newton and Jarrett Stidham as the QB1.

However, every sign seems to be pointed to Newton as the man to take Tom Brady’s spot as the quarterback of the Patriots. Other members of the media appear to be making the same assumption:

Stidham was seemingly positioned to take the role, but the 2019 fourth-round pick has only thrown four passes in a regular-season NFL game. Heading toward a season that will have a limited training camp, truncated or canceled preseason and a regular season that might even lose a few games, the Patriots may not feel comfortable handing the ball to a quarterback with such little experience.

When you combine Newton’s experience with his physical ability and motivation, he seems like the no-brainer choice to be named QB1.

Patriots Are Already Shining a Light on the Good Newton Does Off the Field

The Patriots seem to know there is some sort of misconception out there about Newton, and it appears they were conscious about presenting a different side of him that often gets drowned out by the outfits and celebrations. It’s funny though, no one seemed quite as judgmental when Rob Gronkowski was doing his thing. It was seen as Gronk being Gronk.

In any case, here’s what’s Angelique Fiske wrote about Newton on Wednesday:

He’s much more than an athlete with a bold fashion sense, so here is what Patriots fans can expect from Newton off the field. After most touchdowns, there is a signature Newton celebration, whether it’s a dab or the Superman, but in quieter moments, Newton makes the day of young fans. Instead of keeping the football, Newton hands it off to kids in the stands.

Fiske also referenced a quote from Newton. He explained the feeling he has when he gives a child a football in the stands.

I grabbed the ball and made eye contact with a kid in the front row. And it was as if we knew each other forever. I handed him the football and it was the most priceless moment I could put my finger on up to that moment. Giving a child or a kid a football…is something you will cherish for your whole professional career. I’ve seen kids cry.

The Patriots hope to see him hand out plenty of footballs in 2020.

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