Patriots Cam Newton Responds To Tricky QB1 Question: ‘Absolutely Not’

Getty Cam Newton

The New England Patriots haven’t officially named a starting quarterback, so when a member of the team’s local media asked Cam Newton about the QB1 spot, he gave the perfect answer.

Specifically, on a recent stream with the media, Newton was asked if he felt he had the job locked up. Here’s what he said:

Absolutely not. Every day is a workday for me. That label is not important to me right now because I know I have so much to get better at, so much that I need to learn, so much that I need to be comfortable with, and throughout this process, that’s the last thing that I’m pretty much worried about, knowing that there are certain things that when I come to the line of scrimmage and it’s just not as firing mentally as I would want it to be rather than other plays that may be called. And I see a person like Hoyster [Brian Hoyer] go to the line, and he’s just as sharp as he can be. … There are things I know I need to become better at, and until I get those things done, everything else is irrelevant.

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Cam Newton is Likely to Be the Starting QB

Though Newton didn’t practice on Monday, the team’s final scheduled session, it seems clear he won the starting quarterback job over Jarrett Stidham and Hoyer. To be honest, anything less would have been a massive disappointment considering his experience and talent.

Newton was wise not to say he believes he’s won the job, even if that’s what he truly believes. Saying that would have only fueled the critics who insist he’s arrogant, which seems to be untrue.

Every time I hear that I can’t help but wonder, do people really believe Tom Brady is modest?

Cam Newton is Proving All of His Doubters Wrong

Newton’s critics said he wouldn’t work hard. Every Patriots teammate and coach has said otherwise. Others said he wouldn’t be healthy. He missed his first practice (along with several other veterans) on Monday and it had nothing to do with injury.

Others wondered if he would mesh with Bill Belichick. By the looks of this, I’d say they’re doing pretty well.

In all, the Patriots have to consider their signing of Newton a win, but now comes the hardest part.

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