‘Go Snatch Tom Brady’s Chain’ Hall-of-Famer Talks Cam Newton-Dolphins Beef

Getty Shannon Sharpe

Hall-of-Famer and current star of FS1’s Undisputed Shannon Sharpe had some harsh words for the Miami Dolphins Christian Wilkins and Raekwon Davis as it pertains to their beef with the New England Patriots‘ Cam Newton.

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Shannon Sharpe Blasts Christian Wilkins and Raekwon Davis

After the Patriots handed the Dolphins a 21-11 Week 1 defeat, Newton and a slew of Miami players got into a post-game scuffle. During the blow-up, Wilkins and Davis tried to rip the chain from around Newton’s neck, which understandably upset the Patriots quarterback.

Sharpe took the young Dolphins to task for “trying to be hard,” extending trash talk beyond the game, and essentially being fake thugs. Toward the end of his rant, Sharpes challenged the two young players to go and snatch former Patriot and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees’ chain.

You can see and hear the segment below:

UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts Cam Newton says Dolphins players tried to snatch the chain off his neck#Undisputed #SkipBayless #ShannonSharpe UNDISPUTED | Shannon reacts Cam Newton says Dolphins players tried to snatch the chain off his neck2020-09-15T14:43:58Z


Digging Deeper on Sharpe’s Comments

Sharpe didn’t necessarily clarify his meaning, but it seems reasonable he was suggesting Wilkins nor Davis would have the heart to come after Brady or Brees in the same way they disrespected Newton.

Sharpe’s co-host Skip Bayless suggested the actions, while disrespectful, may have been prompted by Newton’s in-game trash talk. Sharpe, a noted trash talker, didn’t doubt that part of this issue, but he offered this thought: “you had 60 minutes to shut him up. Now all of a sudden after the game, everybody wants to fight. You wanna fight, join the military, they’ll pay you.”

There’s no major harm in the little skirmish that came after a hard-fought and emotionally charged game, but the removal of the chain–if intentional–was crossing a line that took things beyond the competitiveness of a game and into something more personal.

Wilkins and Davis probably would never approach Brady with the same audacity that they came after Newton out of respect. They’d probably call him Mr. Brady or The G.O.A.T after the game, no matter how much trash he might have talked during the four quarters they went to battle against him. The question Wilkins and Davis may need to ask themselves is why don’t they have as much respect for Newton?

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