49ers Analyst Unleashes Personal Attack on Cam Newton in Epic Rant [WATCH]

Getty Cam Newton

It’s clear, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and current analyst Jeff Garcia doesn’t like the New England PatriotsCam Newton very much.

He’d clearly had some things built up inside him for years that he unleashed in an epic, but wildly unprofessional rant targeting the Patriots’ embattled quarterback on Sunday. Nothing was seemingly out of bounds as he targeted Newton’s character, wardrobe, and on-field performance.

Originally, the Bay Area’s NBC Sports Twitter account posted the clip, but the tweet was removed. That was a pretty senseless move in 2020. There’s always someone recording, and here it is folks.

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Jeff Garcia Attacks Cam Newton

I’m not sure what Garcia was asked when he went into this ill-advised spiel, but I’m willing to bet no one begged him for his take on Newton’s pre or post-game attire.


To say the comments about Newton’s attire were uncalled for is an understatement. When he says, “this just goes back to watching this guy a couple of years, seeing him at the podium,” that’s proof he’s been storing up this vitriol toward a guy he probably doesn’t even know.

It sounds like Newton is living rent-free in Garcia’s head, and it’s hard to understand why a guy his former team just beat grinds his gears in such a way.

It’s also not a good look to seek to kick a guy when he’s down, and accepting full responsibility for his play.

Aron Yohannes seemed to hit it right on the head with this assessment.

Others picked up some of the perhaps non-football-related issues Garcia might have with Newton.

What Brought This On?

Perhaps Garcia had issues built up against Newton because prior to Sunday’s poor performance, Newton was a perfect 3-0 against the 49ers.

Maybe it’s jealousy because Newton has been a far better player than Garcia ever was during his 11-year career that saw him play for five NFL teams after a stint in the Canadian Football League.

When you compare the two players’ careers, it’s really not even close. Newton could never throw another pass or run for another first down, and he’s already surpassed Garcia.

Josh Webb of the Marvel Report and Athlon Sports put this one into perspective.

Kevin Gray of 1053 The Fan also took Garcia to task for his lapse in judgment and lack of self-control.

Clearly, someone in charge of NBC Sports’ Twitter account realized Garcia had crossed the line with his “analysis” and that’s likely why the tweet was removed. In any case, it doesn’t cover Garcia or protects him completely. It would be appropriate for him to apologize for airing his personal, non-football-related, insults against Newton publicly.

Garcia is entitled to think any way he pleases, but it’s not a good look when he brings it into his job.

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