Patriots Advised to Target Star WR in Trade Deadline Deal

Getty Allen Robinson

On the New England Patriots roster, there are a few holes.

However, when gauging which issue needs the most immediate attention–it’s hard to ignore the Patriots’ lack of weapons in the passing game.

Apparently, former players and analysts are seeing the same problems as a priority.

NFL Analyst Believes Patriots Should Target the Bears’ Allen Robinson

Former Patriots QB and current NBC Sports analyst Matt Cassell makes it clear, he believes his former team should target a WR over an offensive lineman at the trade deadline. In a recent article, he got specific with his preferred target. Cassell wrote:

As for a target? I like Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson. I like the way he goes about his business. He hasn’t always been the offensive focal point in Chicago, but he’s a true No. 1 wide receiver who makes plays and has a tremendous catch radius. He’s playing on the franchise tag, so if you trade for him, you’d have to consider re-upping him next year and how that impacts the salary cap. But if this team wants a wide receiver, the need someone who can be difference-maker versus a guy who’s just a role player. Because right now, they’ve got a lot of role players. You can never have too much depth at the wide receiver position. So if you bring in a guy with speed who can blow the top off the coverage, that can only help that offense in the long term.

Robinson hasn’t been targeted as much as he’d become accustomed through the first six weeks of the season. The Bears have handed the keys to their offense over to rookie quarterback Justin Fields, and he didn’t work with Robinson a lot during training camp.

At that time, the Bears planned to start Andy Dalton and that’s who most of Robinson’s work came with before an injury pushed the Bears in another direction at quarterback.

Still, Robinson’s production (255 receptions, 3,151 yards and 17 TDs from 2018-20) are real. So far this season, Robinson has 21 receptions for 234 yards and a TD. Right about now, he’d look great in a Patriots uniform.

The Patriots Still Need a Dependable Weapon at WR

The Patriots hoped that the signing of Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne, along with Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith would ignite the offense.

While in some ways, they’ve been a little more potent through the air than last season, it’s clear rookie quarterback Mac Jones still doesn’t have a dependable safety net to look to in the passing game. Losing veteran pass-catching running back James White to injury only exacerbates this issue. Robinson’s size, skill and experience would immediately vault him to the head of the class in the Patriots’ passing game.

If the Patriots could entice the Bears into parting ways with Robinson, for say a second or third-round pick, they will have instantly upgraded their offense. This won’t solve every issue the Patriots have, as they also need depth in the secondary, but Robinson would legitimize a passing game that isn’t scary in its current form.


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