Bill Belichick Wouldn’t Let Mac Jones Talk to Saints After Loss [LOOK]

Getty Bill Belichick, Mac Jones

Apparently, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is very protective of his rookie quarterback.

Moments after the Patriots fell to 1-2 following their 28-13 loss to the New Orleans Saints, Belichick had an odd interaction with his quarterback as he literally prevented Mac Jones from conversing with the Saints players for the traditional fellowship we see after NFL contests.

Jones was sitting on the Patriots’ bench distraught after he’d just thrown his third interception of the day. Saints quarterback Jameis Winston walked over to Jones and spoke to him briefly. It appears Belichick made a beeline for Jones to intercept any more contact with the Saints players. How forceful was Belichick in this situation?

He grabbed Jones’ wrist to lead him away from the meetings and the two head off for the locker room. Pats Nation 365 posted an image of the peculiar scene at the end of the game and long-time Boston sports reporter Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal had the same take on the situation.

Here are the images of the situation:

In case you’re wondering, this is pretty strange for anyone to do, and even more so Belichick.

Why Did Belichick Stop Jones From Speaking With the Saints Players?

There are likely several layers to this story and some reasoning behind Belichick’s actions–whether everyone agrees with him or not.

It is logical to assume Belichick knows the temperament of his young quarterback and felt it wise to shield him from some banter in a relatively uncontrolled environment. Jones is notably hard on himself after mistakes and poor play. A clear example of this is the quarterback sulking over the third interception moments before Belichick’s intervention.

Jones has reportedly had some “anger issues” in the past, earning the nickname “McEnroe,”  and he also employs some breathing exercises to keep himself calm in pressure situations. Belichick has seen Jones in practice, training camp and in the locker room, so he should know his quarterback on a professional and emotional level.

Was he being overprotective? Perhaps a bit, but the gesture was likely more for his benefit than detriment. Still, as we all know, good intentions sometimes lead to a negative perception.

The Belichick-Jones Optics Still Weren’t Great

Amidst concerns that the Patriots are babying Jones and not allowing him to stretch the field much, the image of Belichick leading a grown man away from a conversation by the wrist is a little weird.

It’s like one of those things a parent does to their kids in front of their peers. It might be for their own good, but that kid is going to get teased tomorrow. If Jones doesn’t play well at other points during this season, expect to see and hear critics making lead-him-off-by-the-wrist comments aimed at Belichick and Jones.

For the rookie’s sake, let’s hope his play overshadows the moment he might soon hope to forget.


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