Cam Newton Has Sharp Answer for Former MVP’s ‘Confidence’ Question

Getty Cam Newton

Former NFL MVP (1988) and multiple-time Pro-Bowler Boomer Esiason has never come off as a big Cam Newton fan. He has criticized the New England Patriots‘ decision to go with Newton as the starting quarterback, and recently questioned his confidence. Newton was on the Greg Hill show for his regular Monday spot and had a sharp response to Esiason’s assessment.

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Esiason Questions Newton’s Confidence Level and Cam Responds

Esiason offered WEEI some of his thoughts on Newton after a poor performance against the Arizona Cardinals. Esiason implied Newton is suffering from a lack of confidence. The question was posed to Newton on Monday and to it, he replied:

No, I’m fine. You know it’s crazy, and having a conversation with family members yesterday, it kind of sparks a lot of things. I’ll be the first person to say, I didn’t play my best game yesterday. But, let’s be totally clear: I don’t play this game for statistic benefits. I don’t play this game for any kind of individual accolades. I play this game to win. I’m not going to apologize for winning, and I don’t care how we win. I would take a win in most cases this year, rather than having the 300 or 400 yards passing. When in my opinion, did I do enough to win those games? Who cares? I’m not about to go back and turn the page, and what transpired was just the result of a great team win that I’m not going to go back and feel sorry for it. It is what it is.

Newton had been taking all of the criticism on the chin this season, and he’s been publicly hard on himself for just about every misstep he’s had this year. At this point, it’s getting a bit old as his critics won’t relent. They come after him at all costs, and it seems as if Newton is getting to a point where he’s done showing that ultra-vulnerable side to the media.

He’s still being honest–as far as we can tell–but at this point, the direction has shifted to the positive when it concerns the media. Later in the interview, Newton reiterated: “I’m not going to sit up here and apologize, apologize. We won the game, and that makes it all better.”

The Truth and Moving Forward

Newton doesn’t need anyone to tell him how urgent these games are down the stretch. The truth is, if Newton goes to Los Angeles this weekend and struggles mightily in the first half, Bill Belichick could turn to Jarrett Stidham if the Patriots are on the wrong side of the scoreboard. Newton has quarterbacked his team to a 5-5 record this season, and apart from his first 2 games back from COVID, and the stinker on Sunday, he’s looked pretty solid on the field.

As long as he can do his part to keep an imperfect Patriots team competitive, he’ll be the starter.

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