Cam Newton Posts Response to Viral Heckling Video on Instagram

Getty Cam Newton

It’s a shame this is even necessary, but on Sunday night, Cam Newton posted a response to the now-viral video of a disrespectful teenager heckling him at the 2015 NFL MVP’s 7-on-7 camp.

Yes, if that sounds absurd to you, it’s because it is.

The kid looks to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 5’4″ and more of a walking locker room cancer than a potential prospect, but hopefully, things change for him down the road.

With the video sweeping social media, Newton posted his video after the initial heckling. It shows him talking–or at least trying to speak–to the misguided young man afterward. The young man is a little more subdued now that he’s being engaged in an actual conversation but seemingly conflicted because he’s created an awkward situation for himself, and there are too many people watching to back down at this point.

He sticks with the bravado that has made him one of the more unlikeable people on social media this week (but it’s only Sunday). Ah, immaturity at its finest.

Take a look at Newton’s video and IG post.

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Newton Controlling His Narrative

When you’re Newton, for better or worse, the cameras are always rolling. Worst of all, critics (for which he’s never had a shortage) are still on the hunt for a misstep. While he could have left things as they were, Newton wanted to make sure the world saw the closing of the interaction with the young man.

Newton showed restraint initially and even more for trying to have a conversation with someone who quite honestly didn’t deserve a minute of his time. Newton continues to be one of the most open and accessible stars in professional sports. Unfortunately, people never seem to want to stop making him pay for being so tangible.

It’s crazy that this young man doesn’t realize Newton is partly responsible for him having any opportunity he’ll ever hope to have in the sport.

It’s the Kids’ Coach’s Move

There were several reactions across social media after the video went viral. That is likely what helped push Newton to respond on Instagram.

Pro basketball player Tymell Murphy had an interesting take.


It is difficult to understand how the adults in charge didn’t take some action. The young man should have not only asked to leave but also kicked off the team. Excelling in athletics is about physical ability, but it’s also about discipline and understanding boundaries.

Anyone involved in a team or individual sport needs to understand there are consequences to their harmful and disrespectful actions. Would it be out of bounds to suspend the young man from all 7-on-7 competitions in this league, district, or region for a year? Playing sports is a privilege, not a right.

It doesn’t appear as though that’s a concept that everyone understands.

On another note, it does sound as if Newton’s squad is chomping at the bit to get the kid on the field so they can have the back of their leader.

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