Chicago Rapper Slams Cam Newton, Praises Lamar Jackson and Bills

Getty Cam Newton

Chicago rapper Lucki didn’t hold back on Twitter on Saturday night when giving his brief, but blunt assessment of New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton.

Lucki, who is known for his “Flawless” mantra and mumble rap delivery must have been watching both NFL playoff games on Saturday because he felt compelled to unleash his hot takes.

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Lucki: “Cam Newton Suck”

In a now-deleted tweet that I was able to capture before the rapper thought better of his candid take, Lucki simply says “Cam Newton Suck, Lamar Jackson is really Good. The Bills are the future of the NFL. That easy.”


GettyLucki tweets about Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson, and Buffalo Bills


Clearly, Lucki isn’t a fan of Newton, but why so harsh?

Newton hasn’t played since Week 17 because the Patriots didn’t make the playoffs. The tweet wasn’t a reply to someone saying Newton was better than Jackson, so it’s unclear why Lucki would throw Newton under the bus unprovoked.

Who is Lucki?

Lucki, whose real name is Lucki Camel Jr., is 24 years old. He is signed to Empire Records and has already worked with Chance the Rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, FKA Twigs, Danny Brown, and others. He reportedly began rapping as a freshman in high school before dropping out at the age of 16 to pursue his music career. He lists disgraced Chicago R&B artist R.Kelly as one of his biggest inspirations.

Lucki really loves the song, “Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby,” by Kelly.


Every man is entitled to their opinion, but this isn’t one Newton should lose any sleep over, nor one Jackson should look to as a major validation of his obvious gifts. Also, if I were the Bills, I wouldn’t chalk this up as the vote of confidence needed to ensure they’re heading straight to the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Many Share Lucki’s Opinion

As simplistic as Lucki’s take may sound, there are quite a few NFL analysts saying the same things about Newton–just with different words.

Newton Will Be Better in 2021

It’s easy to understand why impatient Patriots fans who are used to contending every year would want things to change immediately. The 2020 season was disappointing, and quite honestly, had Newton not gotten COVID-19 and had more time to prepare, I believe his and the entire team’s season would have been more successful.

As it is, I fully expect Newton to rebound in 2021, whether he is in New England or not. There is something special about turning things around after you’ve had a tough season in such a pressure-packed situation like the one Newton was in last year.

However, if the Patriots part ways with Newton, they may be watching him have the season they hoped he’d have for them in 2020, but only in a different uniform. If this is the way it happens for Newton in 2021, he won’t need any luck to get it done.

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