Frustrated Cam Newton: ‘I’m That Mother@*#@$%’

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The New England PatriotsCam Newton just released a video recorded in September 2020.

In the clip, which was just ahead of arguably his best game of the season in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks, Newton shares with a friend what sounds like frustrations with the limitations of the offense.

Is This Insight into an Internal Issue in 2020?

Take a look at the clip, and specifically take note of the segment that begins around the 5:45 mark. At onep oint, Newton says, “I’m that mother$#@^%#.”

Newton talks about what sounds like a disbelief in his skills from the Patriots’ coaching staff.

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One of the most endearing things about Newton throughout the 2020 season was his accountability. If he played poorly, he owned it.

He was accessible to the media during the good and the bad times. He never moped about the playcalling, which was extremely restricting, and he didn’t throw a subpar group of receivers and tight ends under the bus for their inability to create separation from defenders.

When rumors swirled, as they often do, surrounding New England’s need for a receiver, Newton backed his teammates.

When the heat came down on the disgruntled N’Keal Harry, Newton had his back. The former MVP didn’t even turn on Harry after the young receiver’s conditioning coach blamed Newton for his client’s gridiron failures.

Former Patriot Rob Ninkovich slammed Newton’s chances of having a bounce-back season in 2021 on ESPN GetUp.

No, I do not (expect a bounce-back season). This doesn’t come from hate. I’m looking at this perspective of there’s two types of offenses that the Patriots would have to run. One completely different offense with Cam Newton, and the other with Mac Jones. The team is built right now to have a typical pro-style quarterback under center, run the football, 22 personnel, 23 personnel. They’re gonna be better-suited with Mac Jones under center. And Cam’s still going to have a big role in this offense. You’re going to see him in the red zone. He’s going to have a big impact on this team. But he’s not going to be the big breakout guy. It’s going to be Mac Jones.

Still, when it comes to potential targets for blame for the Patriots’ disappointing 2020 season, Newton is at the top of many fans and members of media’s list.

Perhaps this video is an example of Newton letting off some steam.

Newton May Miss the Departed Jedd Fisch

Don’t let Newton’s accountability from the 2020 campaign and realistic outlook on the upcoming season fool you. He is still a very confident athlete who knows what he’s capable of doing on the football field. 

You can also detect there may be some issues with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Newton talked about his comfort level with then-QB-coach Jedd Fisch, who is now the head coach at the University of Arizona, but there is no mention of McDaniels.

In fact, Newton says in the video: “Jedd gets it.”

One could wonder if Newton believes McDaniels doesn’t understand how, or is uncomfortable using him to his full capabilities. This is especially with reports that McDaniels’ restrictions prevented Newton from shining in 2020.

Newton has more weapons this season and he’ll be in a position to shine. We’ll see if he’s allowed to show us who he is on the field.

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