Mac Jones Describes His Pretty Busy ‘Off Day’

Getty Mac Jones

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has used the “no days off” credo in the past, and it appears his new quarterback Mac Jones has taken it to heart. Jones’ off day is supposed to be Tuesdays, but based on the way he described in a recent interview, it doesn’t sound like much of an off day.

The kid is a machine.

“It’s football non-stop (for Jones),” per tight end Hunter Henry. “He’s constantly in the books, in the film.

Mac Jones Describes His ‘Off Day’

Jones appeared on WEEI’s Merloni and Fauria and he was asked about his routine, his off day and what he does during the “down time.”

Jones said:

“Tuesdays are off. I think (I’m) just following what everyone else does. Get recovered. Get my massage. Get ahead on game tape for the next week and just get a bunch of treatment. Then just go home and relax a little bit, but nothing too long. It’s a good day to get ahead. I’m just going to stick to what the other guys do.”

Sure, there is a massage and rest, but some players like to get away from football entirely on their off day. Jones is still watching tape. It’s somewhat understandable considering he is a rookie playing arguably the toughest position in professional sports.

Jones isn’t blessed with next-level athleticism, so most of what he does has to be accomplished because of his preparedness and hard work. It appears he is checking both of those boxes.

Zach Wilson is Relishing the Chance to Play Against the Patriots

The Week 2 matchup against the New York Jets will be the first time Jones is pitting against one of the other 4 quarterbacks taken in the first round of April’s NFL Draft.

Zach Wilson went No. 2 to the Jets and like Jones, he came out on the losing end of his first NFL start. Like Jones, Wilson is being pelted with questions about his routine and with the big game coming up against the division rival Patriots, he’s also being asked about the legendary franchise and what it’ll be like playing against Jones.

During a recent Wilson presser, per Sean Farrell of North Jersey, the Jets’ rookie QB spoke about playing against the Patriots.

Here’s what he said:

Ever since I was a little kid and can remember watching the Super Bowl, the Patriots have been a part of it. Sometimes I just sit back and smile like, this is so cool. There’s nothing better than going out there against the Patriots and they may smack you on the mouth on one play and then you stand up and make a big throw down the field. That’s the fun part of the game.

It’s just one game at the beginning of their careers, but nonetheless, be on the lookout for overblown analysis drawing premature conclusions about which team has the better rookie QB.


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