Patriots Star Has Wild Pregame Ritual [WATCH]

Getty New England Patriots, Matthew Judon

The New England Patriots Matthew Judon leads the NFL in sacks with 11.5. He had three in the Patriots’ 26-3 win over the Indianapolis Colts in Week 9.

What’s the key to Judon’s success? Talent and hard work are probably the two biggest contributors. It’s unclear how much Judon’s strange pregame ritual helps him on gameday.

Take a look at this video from the Camera Guys on Twitter:

It’s unclear why Judon insists upon knocking over every pylon around the end zone, but when you look at the year–or even the 1.5 seasons–he’s had with the Patriots, you don’t dare disturb his groove.

Judon can win Defensive Player of the Year if he continues to produce at this clip. In 2021, Judon got off to a fast start, but he hit a rough patch to end the season.

Judon went without a sack for the final four games of the year, but he still finished with 12.5. He is just one sack short of that number, and he’ll be looking to tie and perhaps surpass the total when New England returns to action against the Jets in Week 11.

Around the NFL: Panthers Baker Mayfield Shows Off Reckless Sideline Celebration

If you’re looking for more odd NFL player behavior, look no further than Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield. The Panthers pulled off a strong 25-15 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday Night Football.

Get a load of Mayfield headbutting his teammates without a helmet in the video below.

It’s tough to imagine how Mayfield would believe this was a good and safe idea. Perhaps he lost a bet of some sort and had to make good on his side of the wager.

In any case. Mayfield is seemingly fitting in well with his Panthers teammates.

Around the NFL: Tua Tagovailoa Has Been At His Best on the Money Downs

Judon has a real chance to win Defensive Player of the Year, but his fellow AFC East rival, Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa might have a shot at winning league MVP this year.

Take a look at the clutch numbers Tagovailoa has produced this season, per Pro Football Focus:

Tagovailoa is having an excellent year, but he also benefits greatly from being surrounded by elite weapons. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle make for a nearly unstoppable tandem of wide receivers. hill and Waddle have combined for a jaw-dropping 1,916 yards in just nine games.

When you add in tight end Mike Gesicki, Cedrick Wilson, and running backs Jeff Wilson and Raheem Mostert, it is clear Miami has a dynamic offense. In his most recent performance, Tagovailoa completed 21 of 30 passes for 302 yards and 3 TDs. The Dolphins prevailed 35-32 over the Chicago Bears, and it was the third game of the season that saw Tagovailoa throw for three or more touchdowns.

In case you’re wondering when do the Patriots face Tagovailoa and the Dolphins again, the rematch of their Week 1 game happens on New Year’s Day. With the Patriots at 5-4 and the Dolphins sitting at 6-3, the game could be huge for the division race and playoff positioning.

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