Patriots Announce Plans for Long-Awaited Coaching Change

New England Patriots

Getty New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft

After the New England Patriots performance in 2022, fans wanted change and it appears that is what is on the horizon for the team.

The Patriots announced that they are conducting interviews for a new offensive coordinator. “The team will begin interviewing for offensive coordinator candidates beginning next week,” read the statement from the team.

This comes after Matt Patricia was calling plays for New England’s offense in 2022 and Joe Judge also served as an offensive coach.

This past season, the offense struggled mightily. Mac Jones took a massive step back throwing for just 2,997 yards, 14 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions per Pro Football Reference.

While changes are coming, NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran doesn’t believe Belichick and the Patriots will simply send coaches packing without a job.

“There’ll be reassignments,” Curran said. “There will not be firings, to my estimation. I mean, again, this is what I’m logically putting together from the conversations I’ve had: There might be somebody who’s elsewhere, but I don’t think that people will be scapegoated. And … I don’t think anybody’s head is going to be on a spike.”

The New England Patriots are Also Working to Bring Back Jerod Mayo

New England also announced that they have entered contract negotiations to bring back Jerod Mayo. The statement says that the Patriots are looking to keep Mayo with the team for the “long-term.”

Mayo has been surrounded by rumors of possible coaching opportunities outside of New England. This includes being linked to the Carolina Panthers head-coach opening.

Mac Jones Upset Bill Belichick With His Anger Over Offense

A new coach could increase Jones’ happiness after a difficult season. Jones showed his anger multiple times on the field last season and according to former quarterback and current analyst Chris Simms believes Jones’ poor view on the offense angered Belichick.

“Mac Jones wasn’t happy,” Simms said. “He was telling people he wasn’t happy. He was calling people about, ‘Hey, can you help us with ideas and do stuff like that?’ From my understanding, Belichick found out all these things. He found out that Mac was talking to people, and all this, and there was some back-channel conversations going on behind Belichick’s back. And I think that’s where it did get personal.”

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio added that Belichick confronted Jones about his behavior.

Jones appears to have the support of his peers. According to Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard, the quarterback is fully supported by his fellow Patriots players.

“The players that I’ve spoken to over the past week or so, sort of buttoning up end-of-the-season stuff is what I do every year, Mac has universal support in the locker room,” he said. And the players on both sides of the ball — especially offense — realize the position they were put in this season. They were not put in a position to succeed. I think it was a problem this year. We’ll see what happens — if Bill does anything more in private.

“But I think the lack of accountability by the head coach on him putting players in these positions, specifically how Bill handled the whole Bailey Zappe situation — that did not go over well in the locker room with Mac’s teammates,” Bedard added. “And I think there’s an issue there, and I don’t think further throwing Mac Jones under the bus is going to help that.”

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