Twitter Reaction to Cam Newton’s Near-Perfect Preseason Performance

Getty Cam Newton

If Mac Jones plans to take Cam Newton’s starting quarterback spot, it’s not going to happen without a fight.

On Thursday night in the New England Patriots’ 35-0 blowout win over the Philadelphia Eagles, Newton was about as close to perfect as possible. The 2015 NFL MVP completed 8 of 9 passes for 103 yards, a TD, no interceptions or sacks.

Newton averaged 11.4 yards per completion and unlike the first preseason performance against the Washington Football Team, he went down the field repeatedly for completions.

The TD throw came on a crossing route to Jakobi Meyers who caught the pass at about the 20-yard line before finding his way into the end zone with a strong run after catch. Here is a look at the play:

While many have noted the Eagles were playing without a good portion of their starting defense, Newton’s execution was still close to flawless against the competition placed in front of them.

It was a strong performance from Newton that should keep the critics off his back for at least another week. Here is a look at how Twitter reacted to Newton’s strong game. Let’s look at the positive ones first.

The Glass Half Full Tweets

Pro Football Focus captured a replay of a bullet pass completed over the middle to Kendrick Bourne.

Newton wasn’t just delivering passes on target to his teammates, he was also handing them out to fans in the stands…on the road.

The Athletic noted Newton was “showing off his arm” on Thursday. That’s something considering arm strength is often the main thing critics attack when trying to discredit the 32-year-old veteran.

Former NFL safety and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark had nothing but positive things to say about Newton’s performance against the Eagles.

This is Earth in 2021, so you know there was another side to the conversation.

The Glass Half-Empty Tweets

ESPN’s Jeff Darlington found a way to slide in some negativity about Newton’s completion in this tweet.

Eagles sideline reporter Howard Eskins took umbrage with Clark’s complimentary analysis of Newton’s play. Eskins noted the Eagles’ lack of defensive starters on the field and accused Clark of making too much of Newton’s success.

There was an exchange.

Clearly, you can’t please everyone, even when you complete all but one of your passes. More than the completions and even the TD throw to Meyers, Newton’s comfort level moving through progressions and stepping in the pocket were impressive.

He looked as if he had a plan, and that he was prepared and well aware of where his weapons would be on the field. Moreover, Newton delivered the ball accurately to a group of guys far more talented than the players he was forced to throw to in 2020 when he wasn’t as comfortable with the offense as he is now.

All of those elements led to what we saw from him on Thursday night.

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