Ex-NFL QB Makes Boisterous Claim on Daniel Jones’ NFL Future

Chris Simms says Giants' Daniel Jones can be a top-10 quarterback

Getty Daniel Jones #8 of the New York Giants

For a player that mainly keeps his head down and works, people love to make New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones the topic of discussion. Usually, it’s trying to dispel his promising rookie campaign as a way of reaffirming their pre-draft perception of him. A season in which, might we remind you, culminated in 24 passing touchdowns, most amongst all first-year signal-callers.

However, don’t dare bunch NBC’s Chris Simms amongst those willing to die on the hill that was built on doubting Jones, as the former 7-year NFL veteran envisions greatness in the near future for the QB.

Simms on Jones ‘He Can Be a Top-10 Quarterback This Year’

Safe to say Chris Simms knows a thing or two about quarterbacks, namely New York Giants quarterbacks. The son of franchise great Phil Simms, Chris, like many Big Blue faithful early on, took some time to willingly hop on the Daniel Jones train. However, since then, it appears Simms is not only aboard the Jones-hype train, he’s conducting it.

“I was floored by him last year,” Simms said of Jones during a recent appearance on WFAN’s Moose and Maggie show. “I know we’re going talk about the fumbling issue, which is an issue no doubt, but if you went down the checklist of issues to worry about on what makes a quarterback successful, that’d be way down the list.”

“He’s a very coachable player, and is trying to do what the coach says, and he’s fearless in the pocket, which has led him into trouble – but those are things that are easily fixable. And, he carried that offense at times last year, with not a lot of support behind him.” Simms then dropped the hammer, adding “I think he can be a Top 10 quarterback this year.”

Simms has notably backtracked on his pre-draft evaluation of Jones in recent months, drastically changing his tune on the soon-to-be second-year pro.

“Yes, I crapped on him during the draft process and he crapped on me repeatedly during the 2019 season and said, ‘you’re wrong, Chris Simms.’ And I am. I was wrong. I misevaluated him in the draft,” Simms admitted back in June.

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Simms Takes Daniel Jones Over Sam Darnold

Jones isn’t the only young, talented signal-caller currently residing in New York. Jets quarterback Sam Darnold showed sizable improvement down the stretch of the 2019 season and remains in extremely high-standing amongst NFL experts. With that said, if Simms had his choice of both franchise cornerstones, Simms would ride with the man in blue.

“I like them both, but Jones is the one I’d go with,” said Simms.

This question is nothing new and has been brought forward on numerous occasions as a fun debate amongst NFL aficionados, whether during cooler talk (pre-quarantine) or amongst fellow ex-NFLers such as Simms.

Yet, typically in the past, the results have more than not gone the other way. Ex-Detroit Lions and current-day ESPN analyst, Dan Orlovsky, noted earlier this summer that he’d take Darnold over Jones for the next 10 years, in what he deemed to be “an easy answer for me.”

The debate for which of these two quarterbacks will have the better NFL career is far from over, and will likely steer New York sports talk for the foreseeable future, as both QBs are a mere 23-years of age.

With that said, it may be wise to take a page out of Simms’ book and change your tune on Jones before it’s too late.


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