Eli Manning Reacts to Winning his First Emmy Award

Eli Manning

Getty/ESPN New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning won a Sports Emmy Award for his work on ESPN's 'ManningCast.'

Eli Manning can add one more trophy to his collection, as the former New York Giants quarterback took home his first Sports Emmy Award for his work on ESPN’s ‘ManningCast’ during the 2021 NFL season.

Shortly after winning the award, Eli reacted on Twitter with a funny jab at his brother and television co-host Peyton Manning.

“I am finally above the law!” Eli wrote on Twitter. “I won a Sports Emmy. Only problem is, I have to share it with my brother.”

The ‘ManningCast’ made its debut on ESPN2 in 2021 as an alternative to the traditional Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN. They did 10 games last season, inviting a wide variety of celebrity guests on the show. They averaged 1.6 million viewers per episode, according to Deadline.

When first nominated for the Emmy Award last month, Eli made a specific promise on Twitter.

“If I win a Sports Emmy, watch out!” Eli tweeted. “I will become the most high maintenance Diva ever!”

After inking a new deal with Omaha Productions to keep the ‘ManningCast’ on ESPN through 2024, per Deadline, ESPN Chairman Jimmy Pitaro praised the work done by the Manning brothers.

“We couldn’t be more proud of Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli and the partnership we’ve developed with Peyton, Eli and the team at Omaha Productions,” Pitaro said (via Deadline). “This new agreement allows us to deepen our relationship and explore original concepts to spread that magic to other sports and events. Ultimately, this will help grow our audience by providing fans with even more creative options that they crave.”

Let’s take a look back at some of Eli’s top five moments on the ‘ManningCast’ in 2021.

5. Eli Receives a Gold Chain From Snoop Dogg

‘ManningCast’ guests weren’t limited to NFL players and coaches. The Manning brothers also invited a lot of celebrities onto the broadcast, like rapper Snoop Dogg. Other non-sports guests included Jon Stewart, Kevin Hart, Condoleeza Rice, David Letterman and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


This was the moment Eli became a confirmed Wedding Crashers fan. It was the perfect reference to make, after a fan on Twitter jokingly called out the two-time Super Bowl champion for still living at home with his parents.

3. Eli’s Hips Don’t Lie

This was one of the few times Eli stood up to demonstrate something he saw during a game, and it did not disappoint. As if the music and movements weren’t enough, Eli pulled out a Shakira reference to drive the joke home.

2. Eli Dunks on Tom Brady

This line was pure gold, and every Giants fan knew it was coming as soon as Tom Brady was announced as a guest on the ‘ManningCast.’ Brady may be the G.O.A.T., but Eli will always be 2-0 against him in Super Bowls.

1. The Infamous Double Bird

This was probably the most memorable moment of the entire season for ‘ManningCast’ viewers. It came during a game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, two of Eli’s biggest rivals during his playing days, and the guest at the time was former Eagles player Chris Long. ESPN obviously did not promote this moment, but the double-bird memes will live on forever.

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