Robert Saleh Sounds off on Aaron Rodgers’ Jets Wish List Narrative

Aaron Rodgers, Robert Saleh

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and head coach Robert Saleh answering some media questions.

During the New York Jets’ courting of veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers, much has been made about the wish list that was provided to the team.

Dianna Rusinni of ESPN revealed on Twitter on March 14 that A-Rod “provided” Gang Green with a “wish list” of players that he would like them to “target and acquire.”

On Wednesday, May 3 the Jets announced that they had signed veteran wide receiver Randall Cobb. He was one of the players that Russini said was on Rodgers’ wish list.

Head coach Robert Saleh was asked about it during the rookie minicamp press conference and he didn’t hold back.

“I’m going to try and say this as respectfully as I can, I’m not attacking anyone, [but] I do think it’s a silly narrative with regards to wish list. I say that because there are 32 teams in the NFL and it’s common practice for when there are changes, when you have a new coaching staff, when you have people coming in that you surround those people with people they’re familiar with.”

Saleh then revealed that he had a wish list when he was originally hired by the Jets back in 2021.

Solomon Thomas, Marcell Harris, DJ Reed, Kwon Alexander, guys who I have worked with who were familiar with our messaging and our scheme that can come in and play. We had it on offense with Laken Tomlinson, Tevin Coleman, and guys who had been in the system. Shoot Tom Brady goes to Tampa and he gets [Rob] Gronkowski and Antonio Brown.

It is very common for new faces to want old faces. To be able to come in and help accelerate the installation of a program. Everything is being pinned on the quarterback, it’s not just him, [Nathaniel] Hackett has something to say about it. He loves [Allen] Lazard, loves Randall [Cobb], took Billy Turner with him to Denver, and wanted him here in [New York].

Of course, you’re going to surround a coach with people who he feels will be able to plant the flag. That whole narrative of whatever is being tried to put on the quarterback I think it’s tired but it’s common practice in the NFL.”

Jets Get Lit up on Social Media for Randall Cobb-Wish List

After the Jets signed Cobb on Wednesday, social media let the team have it.

Mike Tanier said sarcastically that “bending over backward to please a newly-acquired superstar is a proven route to success.”

However, Jets fans on social media immediately clapped back with the reality of the situation.

Cobb is replacing Jeff Smith in the lineup at wide receiver. Cobb isn’t replacing Garrett Wilson.

Smith served as WR5 or WR6 depending on the week. He was a rotational player in the lineup that also contributed to special teams.

Signing a player of that level hardly seems like “bending over backward” yet social media made the Jets the butt of the joke for apparently cow tailing to Rodgers every demand.

Jets Want to Make Aaron Rodgers as Comfortable as Possible

Rodgers has spent his entire 18-year career to date with the Green Bay Packers. Year No. 19 is going to be unlike anything he has ever experienced.

It makes sense that the Jets would try to do everything within their own power to ease that transition as much as possible.

Plus as Saleh mentioned, it also helps because the Jets are learning a new offense with Hackett coming in. Those system players the Jets have brought in will not only help Rodgers be more comfortable but should also help accelerate the learning process for all of the players from the previous offensive regime.

When you bring in a player of Rodgers’ caliber and name recognition it is naturally going to bring extra attention. However, this particular story people are attempting to dunk the Jets on has simply fallen flat.

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