Jets Players React to Black Friday Holiday Dolphins Game

New York Jets, Miami Dolphins

Getty Several New York Jets defenders attempting to tackle a Miami Dolphins player during an NFL game.

On Wednesday, May 10 the New York Jets announced that they will face off against the Miami Dolphins on the first-ever Black Friday NFL game during the 2023 season.

The matchup will be on Friday, November 24 at 3:00 pm ET. Ahead of the official NFL schedule release on Thursday, May 11 at 8:00 pm, the league has decided to reveal select games ahead of time.

Jets Players and Fans React to the First Prime-Time Game

While this game won’t be in a prime-time window at 3:00 pm ET, it is a standalone game on a holiday.

Defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers said on Twitter, “Black Friday Football? How am I supposed to go shopping?”

It seems like JFM will have to heavily invest in Cyber Monday instead this holiday season.

Jets punter Thomas Morstead simply used a popular GIF from The Office to say, “noted.”

Jets content creator Jake Asman said, “very good chance we see Mike White start this game for the Dolphins. Can’t wait!”

White signed a deal this offseason to be Miami’s backup. However, considering Tua Tagovailoa’s durability issues, it almost seems inevitable he will get hurt again. That would set up a fascinating matchup at MetLife Stadium with White versus the guy who replaced him (Aaron Rodgers).

The entire Jets schedule will be officially released at 8:00 pm ET, but with this Black Friday game being revealed it now eliminates the Jets from playing against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving. That was a popular prediction among fans over the last several weeks but is no longer possible with this announcement.

Jets Fans Share Its Predictions for Schedule

I put out a poll on social media on Tuesday, May 9 asking Jets fans what was their preference for the opening game of the season.

There were four choices presented:

  • Sunday Night Football
  • Monday Night Football
  • NFL on CBS
  • NFL on FOX

Over 600 people voted in the poll and after 24 hours we had our answer.

43 percent of the fans predicted SNF, followed by 27.5 percent of the fans guessing NFL on CBS, MNF earned 19.9 percent of the votes, and rounding out the group was NFL on FOX which received the final 9.6 percent.

It seems like the Jets will be due some extra prime-time games after only receiving one during the 2022 season.

Gang Green would be a popular choice to kick off the season with a prime-time game considering all of the hype and the acquisition of Aaron Rodgers. That has been the No. 1 NFL offseason storyline and fans around the league’s interest is certainly piqued to see how he performs on a much grander stage.

A select group of media members voted the Jets as the NFL team that should be playing in the “most” prime-time games in 2023. There were a lot of different reasons provided the main one being veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The non-prime-time choices are safer options considering those cover more ground. The NFL on CBS or NFL on FOX covers all of the non-premium windows, so if fans made that choice they in theory have a much larger percent chance of being correct.

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