NFL Fans Outraged Over New Jets, Aaron Rodgers Contract: ‘Abolish the Cap’

Aaron Rodgers

Getty New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers at his introductory press conference in 2023.

Forget the New York Jets needing to free up cap space for Aaron Rodgers, that will no longer be necessary after a new contract update on April 27 courtesy of ESPN insider Dan Graziano.

“It appears the [Green Bay] Packers converted Aaron Rodgers’ $58.3M 2023 option bonus into 2024 salary, which means he’s scheduled to make $1.165M this year and $107.55M next year,” Graziano relayed. “So he’d only count [as] $1.165M against the Jets’ cap this year, and obviously they’ll restructure next year.”

The NFL insider added that the “Jets can also rework Rodgers’ deal THIS offseason, and I would expect that to happen so he’s not just playing on the minimum in 2023.”

Graziano also took the time to explain his initial tweet to an inquiring Jets fan, stating: “All the money got moved into 2024 before the trade was executed. So [Rodgers is] only making minimum this year. Packers’ 2023 cap hit for Rodgers is $40.3M, as a result of bonus proration from previous deals.”

CBS Sports reporter Jared Dubin covered this news with a breakdown of his own, concluding that “obviously, carrying Rodgers at a $107.55 million cap hit in 2024 is totally untenable. So, Rodgers’ deal will surely be reworked again sometime between now and the start of the 2024 offseason.”

Jets & NFL Fans React to ‘Insane’ Aaron Rodgers’ Cap Hit in 2023

While it’s unclear if Rodgers’ cap hit will hold at a pedestrian $1.165 million in 2023, that’s where it stands at the moment and NFL fans around the nation aren’t too happy about it.

“Just abolish the Cap if this is the stupid s*** you can pull,” one fan commented after hearing the news. Another wrote: “What is the point of having a salary cap, when the circumvention is this obvious?”

“NFL cap is such a joke,” a third voiced, and a fourth replied: “The cap is crap for this very reason: you can push money into future years. The cap generally only goes up. A dollar today means less as a dollar tomorrow.”

Needless to say, Jets fans were ecstatic upon reading this update.

“They should move the money around a bit, but this is huge for the Jets,” one supporter tweeted, “enables them to restructure someone’s contract/cut someone and still be able to extend Q [Quinnen Williams] and sign draft picks. [Joe] Douglas masterclass.”

Another celebrated: “LMFAOOOOOOOOOO WE GOT AARON RODGERS ON THE BOOKS FOR 1.1 MILLION THIS YEAR Safe to say that money is going to a Q extension and some veteran FA like Kwon Alexander.”

“That’s insane,” a third said in awe, and a fourth praised: “So the Jets are working MAGIC on Aaron Rodgers’ contract.”

One fan even joked that “the Jets basically traded a 1st and a 2nd rounder and are paying 1.165 million for Aaron Rodgers. While the [Miami] Dolphins traded a 1st and a 3rd rounder and are paying 1.5 million for a phone call with [Tom] Brady” — based on Miami’s punishment for tampering according to league policy.

Finally, one last NYJ supporter summed up the news: “This bodes well for the restructure. If it’s restructured well this turns into an even bigger W for the trade. Wouldn’t be a fleecing because either way GB does well by getting this $ [money] off of their books, would turn into more of a win win.”

Aaron Rodgers Chose Jets, Eyeing First NYJ Super Bowl Since Joe Namath

The best part about this week for fans was Rodgers’ introductory press conference on April 26. The Packers legend looked legitimately giddy to be in New York, and he couldn’t have left a better first impression for NYJ faithful.

“This is a surreal day for me after spending 18 years in the same city,” Rodgers began. “There’s been a lot of introductions today and meeting a lot of people, but there’s a lot of excitement. I’m here because I believe in this team. I believe in coach [Robert] Saleh. I believe in the direction of Joe Douglas.”

“I’m an old guy, so I want to be part of a team that can win it all,” he added later, “and I believe that this is a place that we can get that done.”

Perhaps Rodgers’ best quote from his first day in green and white was his Super Bowl quote, however. “I noticed walking in this morning, the Super Bowl III trophy is looking a little lonely,” the future Hall of Famer teased.

Words that could go down in history if the unthinkable actually comes to pass.

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