Pat McAfee ‘Holdup’ Preventing Jets, Packers Aaron Rodgers Trade

Pat McAfee Show

Getty Pat McAfee hosting a show from the Super Bowl.

The New York Jets and the Green Bay Packers are getting “closer” to locking in a trade for superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers, per Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports.

Here is what the trade is looking like according to Robinson’s sources:

Green Bay Packers receive: a 2023 second-rounder, a 2024 conditional second-rounder

New York Jets receive: QB Aaron Rodgers

Although there has been a surprising new holdup in getting this deal done. When Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday, March 22 he made a candid confession, “I’ve got to admit, I went into the darkness 90 percent retired [and] 10 percent playing.”

That comment spooked the Jets according to Robinson and to get a deal done they’re seeking “protection” in future years of the deal.

Getting Into the Specifics of This Jets, Packers Trade Package for Aaron Rodgers

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Robinson said the “90 percent retired” comment has “weighed in trade talks” on the Jets’ side of things. If they’re going to send multiple high picks, the Jets believe according to Robinson that it should “warrant more than one season of play.”

One possible solution to this problem could be a conditional pick being sent back to the Jets in 2025 if Rodgers doesn’t play during the 2024 season.

At this point that is something the Packers have been unwilling to agree to as they prefer “straight shot” draft compensation, per Robinson.

The conditional second-round pick that the Jets are considering sending Green Bay in 2024 would be tied to “achievable team performance escalators”, per Robinson.

He included a few different examples in his article such as hosting a home divisional playoff game (winning the AFC East and hosting a second-round playoff matchup). Another example featured the Jets advancing to the AFC championship game which was a similar condition in the Brett Favre blockbuster trade back in 2008.

Elijah Moore Trade Looks a Lot Different With This Information

In a vacuum, the Elijah Moore trade to the Cleveland Browns seemed odd. How did the Jets only get what amounted to a pick swap for a talented 22-year-old under team control for the next two seasons?

I thought general manager Joe Douglas was supposed to be good at this trading thing.

The Jets sent their own third-rounder in 2023 (No. 74 overall) and the former Ole Miss product to the Browns in exchange for the No. 42 overall pick in the second round.

However, this latest trade package being discussed between the Jets and the Packers changes the perception of the Moore trade.

So in theory the Jets are sending Moore (a 2023 second-rounder) and a 2024 second-rounder in exchange for a future Pro Football Hall of Famer at the quarterback position?

Yeah, that certainly has a different ring to it than just the Moore trade being evaluated on its own.

If the Jets are able to secure a level of protection by receiving a future pick if Rodgers only plays one year would only make this trade better.

It’s certainly a steep price to pay, but this is a quarterback-driven league and Rodgers is still one of the best in the NFL.

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