Analyst Sounds off on Jets: ‘How the Hell Is This Guy Still Here’

Robert Saleh, Jets

Getty New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh reacting in the middle of an NFL game.

The playoffs have officially started and for the 12th straight season, the New York Jets weren’t in them.

While that is certainly a debbie downer, we have now reached the most exciting time of the year for Gang Green fans: the offseason. This is where anything is possible and teams can often go from zeroes to heroes.

With that in mind, our pair of experts: Paul ‘Boy Green’ Esden and Michael Obermuller are equipped and prepared to answer the pressing questions around the team.

Filtering Through the Mike LaFleur-Jets Noise

1. The New York Jets fired Mike LaFleur last week, in your mind who is the best possible replacement option that is available?


I don’t necessarily have a specific person in mind but I do have a type of coach that I would want. Like most Jets fans, I do not want a first-time play-caller and I feel experience is key (think Brian Daboll bringing in Wink Martindale to run his defense with the New York Giants).

Two more things I’d target are coaches coming from a winning culture and a potential QB/OC pairing that has worked together in the past. The popular examples would be Aaron Rodgers and Nathaniel Hackett, as well as Derek Carr and Greg Olson, but those aren’t the only options.

Boy Green:

We have done several profiles here on the site of different guys. Although one that really stands out is Matt Nagy of the Kansas City Chiefs.

I know his name will immediately cause some fans to look at this article in disgust, but try to forget about how things ended with the Chicago Bears.

He wouldn’t be coming here to be a head coach, he’d come here to be the offensive coordinator. Nagy has a ton of experience, has been around Andy Reid, and would immediately instill life into this offense.

If the Jets can get half of what the Kansas City offense looks like that would be a major win. This is a copycat league and why not go after the top dog?

2. Same question but the opposite way, who is the worst possible replacement option at OC for Mike LaFleur that you would hate?


Echoing my first response, the worst candidate would be an inexperienced play-caller from a losing organization.

Nothing against him personally but a good example would be New England Patriots tight ends coach Nick Caley, who the Jets are reportedly interviewing this week. The Pats offense was terrible this year and Bill Belichick isn’t known for producing winners outside the organization, plus Caley has no experience as an OC.

A hire like that would make me extremely nervous and I want no part of a move like that.

Boy Green:

Yeah that Caley guy certainly scares me.

My ultimate fear is the Jets falling into the same trap they did the first time. Mike LaFleur had a sexy last name, was young, and had been around some of the smartest minds in football.

Head coach Robert Saleh saw that and got lost in what he could become, instead of what he was. If the Jets go with another young guy who doesn’t have experience it might prove fatal for this entire regime.

3. The Jets made several other staff changes on top of LaFleur and head coach Robert Saleh left the door open for more to leave depending on who is the new OC. Who else do you expect to be fired or who would you like to see lose their job?


Glad you asked because I can’t believe quarterbacks coach Rob Calabrese is still hanging around. This team had one major problem in 2022, the quarterback position! And yet we’re retaining this supposed up-and-coming assistant?

A Jets fan joked to me that they’ll end up promoting Calabrese to OC. I take back Caley in my answer above, there’d be nothing worse than Calabrese at OC.

Boy Green:

How the hell is this guy still here?

Rob Calabrese was a horrible hire. How did a guy who was at Wagner in 2018, with two years of NFL quality control experience, somehow get tasked with developing the No. 2 overall pick in the draft?

That was absolute malpractice by the Jets organization. Zach Wilson certainly had his own faults and issues but the coaching staff didn’t do him any favors.

Calabrese has survived the initial wave of firings that happened at the end of the season, but the guillotine is still hanging.

Depending on who the Jets hire as offensive coordinator, Calabrese could still find his way out. I normally don’t wish for people to lose their jobs, but Calabrese doesn’t deserve to be here. That is the uncomfortable reality and the sooner that happens the better.

Monster Crystal Ball Prediction

4. Which disappointing player or coach from this past Jets season is destined for a bounceback in 2023 and why?


I think left guard Laken Tomlinson is destined for a bounceback similar to Sheldon Rankins’ turnaround in 2022. Mainly because he can’t be worse!

Kidding, but sometimes a free-agent transition just takes a year or so to click. It’ll be a new system/OC next year, and hopefully a healthier supporting cast around Tomlinson. Both those factors should help the key signing improve.

Boy Green:

That was hilarious MO and I hope you’re right because the Jets need Laken back in a big way.

I’m going to go with a unique one Breece Hall. You could evaluate my choice in one of two ways.

Duh, how bold Paul, the guy that appeared to be the Offensive Rookie of the Year prior to getting hurt is going to bounce back.

Or the history of torn ACLs and running backs taking a long time to come back from them makes this selection incredibly out there. I think Hall is going to have an Adrian Peterson-like come back and take the league by storm in 2023. I understand this is an incredibly bold take, but I’m sticking by it. I like the cut of his jib.

5. Pull out your crystal ball and predict something that will happen this offseason for the Jets? (could be a draft pick, free agent signing, someone getting cut, someone getting traded or acquired, the world is your oyster)


I feel like it’s a lock that the Jets will draft an offensive lineman in the first round. I’m not quite sure who they’ll end up with and whether they’ll select a tackle that drops to 13 or the best guard on the board, but Joe Douglas knows he needs to fix his former position.

Another top prospect could compete with Mekhi Becton and Max Mitchell for a starting role, or kick inside and move AVT to tackle full-time. Since we’re on the topic, I foresee Douglas drafting a top center prospect during the second or third round as well with Connor McGovern heading into free agency.

Boy Green:

The Jets are going to make a monster quarterback addition this offseason.

I’m not talking about some low-level Mike White deal, I mean it will be a splash and featured in every headline around the country.

Whether that is a monster deal in free agency or a massive trade that shakes the very landscape of the NFL. Either way, I think Jets general manager Joe Douglas puts all his chips in the middle of the table.

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Chris Davidson
Chris Davidson
8 months ago

The ax is coming for Calabreese and others. The new OC HAS to be a qb whisperer who can fix Wilson while winning with any bridge vet we bring in. Having Wilson end up a total bust will set this team back even farther.