Jets Fans, Twitter Reacts to Dolphins’ Surprise Firing of Brian Flores

Brian Flores

Getty Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores on December 19, 2021.

Black Monday has already brought some major bombshells and perhaps the largest one went off inside the AFC East.

New York Jets‘ long-time rival, the Miami Dolphins, have decided to part ways with head coach Brian Flores in a shocking development. NFL insider Adam Schefter first released the news.

“Brian Flores is out as the Dolphins head coach,” he tweeted. Schefter then added in a follow-up: “Former Dolphins’ HC Brian Flores now is expected to be a prime candidate to get head coaching consideration elsewhere during this next hiring cycle.”

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Twitter Reacts to Flores News

First off, if you’re wondering why on earth Miami fired Flores, former NFL veteran Darius Butler shed some light on the situation. “According to my sources in Miami. There was tension all year between GM Grier and HC Flores. GM Chris Grier has been a part of the Dolphins organization for more than 20 years. [One] or both had to go. Miami made a choice. Was it the right one?” He voiced.

In other words, owner Stephen Ross chose Grier over Flores — and that baffled many in the industry despite the general manager’s ties to the organization. Former NFL executive and analyst Michael Lombardi wrote: “Flores is gone and the GM stays even though he picked Tua [Tagovailoa] over [Justin] Herbert?? Makes no sense–”

ESPN radio host Jared Stillman noted: “Brian Flores has to be the first coach in the history of the NFL to win [seven] games in a row during a season, sweep the greatest coach in NFL history and still get fired. Like what are the Dolphins doing? He’s their best coach since Jimmy Johnson. But yeah, go get another Adam Gase.”

Speaking of sweeping Bill Belichick in 2021, PFT Commenter of Barstool Sports joked that the New England Patriots HC was secretly behind the move. “Brian Flores was the only pats assistant who was any good verse his old team. Got fired by the deep state for not playing nice,” he stated.

One theory was that Ross might be all in on Jim Harbaugh but that seems unlikely according to Jeff Darlington. The ESPN reporter was quick to shut down this story: “While I realize many are assuming Flores’ departure is tied to Harbaugh’s potential availability, I can assure you that is not the case. The Dolphins are not targeting Jim Harbaugh, per sources. The decision to fire Flores is entirely independent.”

Ross himself addressed the media this morning, telling reporters that he is “not gonna be the person who takes Jim Harbaugh away from the University of Michigan.”

Jets fans, you aren’t the only ones with an owner who’s not getting the job done. Writer Ethan Budowsky credited this entire mess to ownership: “The Dolphins will never win anything as long as Stephen Ross is the owner. When an organization has this many flaws they start at the top and it’s because the owner doesn’t let the football people make the decisions. This runs so much deeper than Brian Flores. Ross is the problem.”

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Jets Fans Rejoice, Propose Flores DC Hire

Most around the NFL were upset that Flores was canned but not Jets fans, and that should be considered as the ultimate sign of respect. The ex-Dolphins HC won 24 games in three seasons and five of those wins came against Gang Green.

That’s right, Flores went 5-1 against the Jets during his brief tenure and in 2020, Miami outscored NYJ by an outrageous combined total of 44-3.

“I honestly can’t believe they fired Flores. What a great morning to be a Jets fan. Only [two] playoff level teams to slog through going forward,” tweeted a fan named ElJefe.

Another named Nick Alvarez added: “No doubt Brian Flores underperformed as a Coach in year [three], but to fire him is so [Miami Dolphins]. Just proves the team is clueless. Hope the Jets hire him as [defensive coordinator] next year.”

He wasn’t the only fan suggesting a Jeff Ulbrich ousting for Flores, as many called for Joe Douglas to target the successful defensive mind. Unfortunately, it seems like he’s more likely to get another head coaching gig somewhere else.

“More people we talk to, the more we feel Brian Flores doesn’t mind getting a chance to land elsewhere,” voiced uSTADIUM. Draft analyst and Jets podcaster Connor Rogers also commented: “I think Flores immediately becomes the best HC available this offseason, which raises the question…what the hell is Miami going to do now?”

Ex-Jets player Damien Woody admitted that he’s “pissed about the Flores firing” from a football sense. Beat reporter Brian Costello also gave his take on the matter: “Flores reminds me of [Eric] Mangini with Jets in a lot of ways. Belichick disciple who could coach but seemed to struggle in how he dealt with people.”

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Oh, by the Way…

Miami had been a popular landing spot for quarterback Deshaun Watson, but reports are that Flores’ departure could change things dramatically.

Senior NFL reporter Charles Robinson summed it up well: “The Dolphins firing Brian Flores likely resets the Deshaun Watson landscape pretty significantly. Flores was very much a driving force behind that interest [and] the tandem of Flores/Grier was a part of what made Watson willing to waive his no-trade to Miami. Everything has changed.”

This decision reshapes Miami’s entire future. With Grier at the helm, it’s likely the Tagovailoa show for some time — and that’s definitely a relief for most Green & White supporters.


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