Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill Gets Brutally Honest on Failed Jets Trade

Tyreek Hill, Dolphins

Getty Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill sounding off during an NFL game.

This week marks a lot of firsts for the New York Jets.

Gang Green will square off against their first divisional opponent of the season in Week 5 when they face the Miami Dolphins. Additionally, it’ll be their first matchup with talented playmaker Tyreek Hill since he joined Miami.

This offseason it was widely publicized that Hill was suddenly going to be traded from the Kansas City Chiefs. The two finalists that were set to land the dynamic playmaker were the Dolphins and the Jets.

Ultimately the decision was up to Hill on where he wanted to go and he chose Miami. However, he revealed this week ahead of their first matchup what was the deciding factor.

Hard to Blame Tyreek Hill for Choosing Dolphins Over the Jets

Naturally, Hill was asked about the possibility of going to the Jets this offseason since he is facing them for the first time in a Dolphins uniform:

“You know what it was very close to happening man but it was just those state taxes man. I realized that I had to make a grown-up decision and you know here I am in Miami. Great weather, great people, beautiful people I feel like, so here I am.”

It is hard to blame Hill for that decision.

Part of his trade agreement that sent him from the Chiefs to the Dolphins or the Jets for that matter included a juicy new contract extension.

It was a four-year deal for $120 million and featured $72 million in total guarantees. While that is a ton of moolah and made him the highest-paid wide receiver in football, the Jets were willing to match that.

What they weren’t willing to do is make up the difference in state tax money which would have cost the Jets a lot more.

Robert Saleh Gets Honest Himself About Tyreek Hill Trade

Jets head coach Robert Saleh said of course they wanted Hill on the Jets but said “I think things happen for a reason.”

The Jets swung at the proverbial veteran wide receiver pinata throughout the offseason. Gang Green kicked the tires on a variety of names like Deebo Samuel, DK Metcalf, AJ Brown, and obviously Hill.

Ultimately the top of the organization decided to rely on the 2022 NFL draft.

A dangerous path that is built upon hope and a little bit of luck. Who knows how a young wide receiver will turn out? There are busts every year at the position or players that don’t develop fast enough.

The good thing about a veteran is you know what you’re going to get. There is great value in that but obviously, it comes at a price. Every wide receiver the Jets chased this offseason ended up signing mega deals that reset the market.

On the other side of the coin if you can hit on a draft pick you save a ton of money and have a homegrown player for the future.

Now the Jets will have to face off against Hill twice a year starting on Sunday versus the Dolphins.

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