Knicks Linked to $75 Million Guard in Possible Cam Reddish Trade

cam reddish playing time knicks

Getty Cam Reddish still isn't getting consistent playing time for the Knicks.

The New York Knicks have a lot of moves they can make this offseason, and a lot of them will revolve around what they decide to do with some of the young talent on the roster.

Cam Reddish is a name that has popped up frequently in trade talks as he’s a player who never really got much of a chance in New York despite coming over in a trade last season. Reports indicated coach Tom Thibodeau was never on board with the move, and that could have resulted in his limited playing time before his season-ending injury.

At just 22 years old, his best days have a good chance of still being ahead of him, but he’s going to need a chance to show he can play. While that might not happen in New York, it could still happen elsewhere.

With the Houston Rockets in the midst of a rebuild, they could be looking for some young players to take a gamble on, and Reddish could fit that bill.

Trade for Reddish?

NBA reporter Evan Massey says the Suns are interested in moving Eric Gordon in the offseason, and the Knicks have interest in him. This makes sense for the Rockets as Gordon doesn’t fit into the team’s long-term plans and he’s making nearly $20 million this season and the next.

He reports that this could be part of a deal for Cam Reddish in the event the Knicks decide to move him. With Reddish being included in a lot of hypothetical talks up until this point, there’s no telling for certain about whether or not he’ll be traded.

Reddish’s name was also included in a potential trade for the Knicks to move up in the draft, so it does seem clear that the team is at least considering a swap of some sort.

Considering he’s so young and early into his career, it makes sense teams would be interested in making a move for him, but a team like the Suns might not make a ton of sense since they have championship aspirations and won’t want to see him go through growing pains all year.

Tough Path Ahead

Cam Reddish

GettyNew York Knicks wing Cam Reddish goes for a basket.

An NBA executive speaking to’s Sean Deveney got blunt on Reddish and made it clear he’s not going to get the money he’s looking for.

“He wants $20 million a year in an extension and he just is not going to get it, there is no way they can give that to him,” said the exec. “So, it is a tough position for them and it’s why the Hawks wanted to be rid of him in the first place. He has not been healthy and when he has been healthy he has not been good. They’re going to have to go to restricted free agency next year but he is going to have to prove himself between now and then.”

If they did find a trade for Reddish, his future contract would be another team’s problem, but the executive doesn’t seem to believe a trade is as simple as it sounds.

“He has very little trade value on his own, maybe none at all after the (shoulder) injury, but they could include him if they need to make the numbers work in a bigger deal.”

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