Jets-Eagles Blockbuster Trade Pitch Would Deliver Treasure Chest Haul

Zach Wilson, Jets

Getty New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson reacting after a game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

If the New York Jets are hellbent on trading down in the first round they might have a surprising partner as an available option.

Connor of NY Flight Jets Talk brought up the idea of the Jets trading pick No. 10 to the Philadelphia Eagles for a package featuring pick No. 22. He asked Adam Schefter of ESPN if the green and white made that deal could they get a 2024 second-rounder and a first-round pick swap.

“Oh I think they would get more than that to go back from 10 to 22,” Schefter said on “NY Flight Jets Talk.” “If they were going to go back from 10 to 22, [the Jets] would get a lot. I would think they’d get a one next year if there were a team willing to do that.”

What a Potential Jets-Eagles Trade Could Look Like

According to the NFL draft value chart, the Eagles would have to get creative to move up that high in the first round.

New York Jets receive: a 2024 first-round pick (No. 22 overall), a 2024 second-round pick (No. 53 overall), and a 2025 first-rounder

Philadelphia Eagles receive: a 2024 first-rounder (No. 10 overall) and a 2024 fourth-rounder (No. 111 overall)

This is one potential package that would adhere to Schefter’s comment and the value chart.

Rich Cimini of ESPN told Will Parkinson on “TOJ Talks” that the sense he got coming away from the Annual League Meeting is that the Jets wanted to trade back to recoup a second-round draft choice.

Gang Green has seven picks in this class but they don’t have a second-rounder because of the Aaron Rodgers trade with the Green Bay Packers last year.

How Far Is Too Far to Trade Back if You’re the Jets?

There is a sentiment on social media that the Jets would like to trade back in the first round in a perfect world.

However how far is too far?

I asked several of my recent guests on “Boy Green Daily” to gauge the temperature of people who cover the Jets.

Matt O’Leary told me the furthest he is comfortable trading back is with the Cincinnati Bengals at pick No. 18.

“I don’t want to get into the 20s or anything like that because like you still want to grab someone that is going to impact you immediately,” O’Leary explained to me. “I think [trading down] four to six spots is the sweet spot. That should be enough to get you some significant capital [in return for trading down]. Even if you can’t get a second, if you get a third then you can package your two thirds and get up into the second round.”

Draft analyst Dom C wasn’t even willing to go that far down.

“For me, it’s pretty easy Paul because I’ve done this exercise a thousand times probably Indianapolis at [pick] 15. That is the absolute bottom. I’d probably even feel a little bit more comfortable a little bit higher. So that means the trade-down is very small,” he explained to me on the show.

The fear from both analysts is if the Jets trade down too far they will miss out on a certain tier of prospect. Both were open to trading down, but only within a certain range.

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