LeBron James College Choice Would Have Been Ohio State

lebron james ohio state

Getty LeBron James admitted he would have gone to Ohio State if he went to college.

LeBron James would have gone to Ohio State if he had played college basketball. Instead, James took advantage of the NBA rules at the time that allowed him to go straight from his high school of St. Vincent-St. Mary to the NBA. James admitted he would have been a Buckeye if the rules were as they are now.

“I promise, I say this all the time — if I had one year of college, I would have ended up here,” James said prior to a 2013 Ohio State game per Cleveland.com. “No matter where I go in the world, no matter where it is, I will always rock Ohio State colors.”

Back in 2016, James noted he signed up to take classes at the University of Akron.

“I’m signed up at the University of Akron for whenever I’m able to get a little bit of down time,” James told Cleveland.com. “That’s always been a conversation that took place to take some college courses, take some classes. So right now I just do a lot of reading, book reading and obviously I’m around some really good people that I kind of take their knowledge and sort it into my mind.”

The bigger question in the James family is where his oldest son, LeBron James Jr. will go to school. LeBron Jr. has already drawn interest from top college programs like Duke and Kentucky despite only being in eighth grade.

James has a close relationship with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski thanks to their time together on USA Basketball. James spoke about their relationship.

“We have a great relationship,” James said per Fox Sports. “We’ve been together since ’05, and our relationship has grown every year. I’ve grown from a young man into a man into a leader of that team. He’s helped me develop that. I give a lot of credit to him.”

James has also been critical of the NCAA and would like to see the system reformed. James has pushed for more player benefits, calling the NCAA “corrupt.”

“I’m not a fan of the NCAA,” James told the Los Angeles Times. “I love watching March Madness. I think that’s incredible. I’m not a fan of how the kids don’t benefit from none of this, so it’s kind of a fine line and I’ve got a couple boys that could be headed in that direction, so there’s going to be some decisions that we as a family have to make. But I know as the NBA, we have to figure out a way that we can shore up our farm league and if kids feel like they don’t want to be a part of that NCAA program, then we have something here for them to be able to jump back on and not have to worry about going overseas all the time, I guess…The NCAA is corrupt. We know that. Sorry, it’s going to make headlines, but it’s corrupt.”