2 Ex-Sixers Involved in Russell Westbrook Trade Rumors: Sources

Russell Westbrook playing against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Getty Russell Westbrook playing against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Over the years, a ton of players have passed through the Philadelphia 76ers organization. During The Process, that number exploded as lots of young players passed through Philadelphia. And while not all of those players panned out, some have turned into quality NBA players.

A few have stuck with the Sixers, but most have moved on. Realistically speaking, Joel Embiid is the only player from The Process era who has stood the test of time, and that’s mainly because he’s a generational talent. However, some former Sixers have recently been brought up in trade rumors.

According to sources who spoke with Sean Deveney of Heavy.com, former 76ers big man Richaun Holmes could be on the move. He was floated as a potential piece in a Russell Westbrook deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I think, too, if the season gets going and things get off to a rough start somewhere, you can take advantage with a Russ trade,” an Eastern Conference executive told Deveney. “That is one reason the Lakers are not feeling too much pressure to do this now — there might be a slightly better market once the year gets going. Sacramento is a good example. They come stumbling out of the gate, they will look to get younger. So you can build something that is Westbrook and the 2027 pick for Harrison Barnes and Richaun Holmes and some salary cap filler, Alex Len and a couple of guys. The Kings want to get off Holmes’ contract, Barnes is still a productive veteran and the Kings can deal with Russ for one year before he expires.”

However, a Kings deal isn’t the only one on the table for the Lakers. Obviously, there are potential deals with the Utah Jazz and Indiana Pacers, but those aren’t the only ones on the board.

Indiana & Utah Trades Not Only Ones

For the majority of the summer, the most-mocked Westbrook trades have been deals with the Pacers and Jazz. However, according to the executive, there could be some other deals on the table out there that the Lakers should consider.

“If there’s musical chairs out there for a Russ trade then it really looks like they’re running out of chairs, right? There’s still Utah and Indiana and something might work out there. But I think you’d possibly consider some other things, too, if you’re the Lakers,” said the executive.

In fact, they floated a deal that included another former Sixer – Nerlens Noel.

Noel Suggested in Westbrook Trade

The Detroit Pistons acquired Noel this summer, but the executive thinks he could be a player who could be involved in a Westbrook deal.

“I’d be willing to get involved if I were the Pistons, as one example,” the executive mentioned. “I would want that 2027 pick unprotected, and take back Russell Westbrook and send you all my veterans, all my junk. Right now, Detroit is taking the approach of just waiting, playing with the guys they got from the Knicks and trading during the season. That team needs to tank some more, they need [Victor] Wembanyama, or at least they need to be in the mix. So send back Alec Burks and Nerlens Noel and [Kelly] Olynyk and Kemba pWalker]. The Lakers would be doing a 1-for-4 deal there, so they’d have to move guys around, they’d have to release someone. But if Noel is healthy, he is a perfect center for AD, and the rest of the guys, you have some tradeable contracts and you have some veterans you can use for depth. I’d consider it on both sides.”

Neither Holmes nor Noel is on the Sixers anymore, but both have turned into quality NBA players and could potentially be involved in trade talks in the near future.

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