Le’Veon Bell’s TKO Has Steelers’ Cam Heyward Imagining Fight With NBA Star

Steelers' Cam Heyward

Joe Sargent/Getty Images Cameron Heyward of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks on during a preseason game against the Detroit Lions at Acrisure Stadium on August 28, 2022.

In the latest edition of Not Just Football with Cam Heyward, the Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro weighed in on everything from last weekend’s upset win over the defending AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals (“What a game to be a part of”) to this coming Sunday’s home opener against the New England Patriots. But arguably the most interesting segments in the 40-minute episode came when Heyward and co-host Hayden Walsh strayed away from football, as when they discussed the recent Le’Veon Bell-Adrian Peterson boxing match.

“It’s one thing the Pittsburgh Steelers won on Sunday, but we also won Saturday, too,” said Heyward, referring to how Bell, his former Steelers teammate, knocked out fellow ex-NFL running back Adrian Peterson during an exhibition boxing match.

Le’Veon Bell was able to get the ‘W’ and he boxes just like he play(ed),” marveled Heyward. “He was very patient with his punches…. Le’Veon lulls you to sleep, lulls you to sleep, and then boom, ‘Pow!’ And it was a sight to see. You usually don’t see AP go down like that,” he added, referring to Peterson, a four-time first-team All-Pro who rushed for 14,918 yards and 120 touchdowns during the course of his 15-year NFL career (2007-21).

According to Heyward, he talked to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin about the matchup, and Tomlin purportedly told him he “knew Le’Veon would win” after Bell weighed in at 204 pounds. “That just told you right then and there that Le’Veon is in some great shape,” clarified Heyward, who went on reiterate an offer to have Bell as a guest on the show.

“Le’Veon we’ve got to get you on the show. Quit ducking me, we’ve gotta talk,” he said.

Walsh to Heyward: ‘Would You Ever Get in the Ring’?

Perhaps not surprisingly, the conversation about Le’Veon Bell prompted Walsh to ask Heyward whether he would consider boxing another professional athlete after he retires.

“Would you ever get in the ring after, and if you did, who would be one person you think it would be fun to box?” floated Walsh.

“First of all, I ain’t never doing that crap,” said Heyward. “When I retire from this I am relaxing a little bit. I care a lot about this game and what I’m doing right now, but I will be spent after.”

Then he went on to float the idea of fighting Draymond Green, 32, who stars for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and played his college ball at Michigan State. Green is also a big part of the inspiration for Not Just Football with Cam Heyward.

“You vs. Draymond would be a fun boxing match. That would be a lot of fun. That would be fun,” said Walsh, who was really enthused about the idea.

“Draymond’s great because Draymond sells the fight…. Draymond will sell the hell out of the fight. We’ll be able to sell hundreds of thousands of tickets,” continued Walsh.

“You’re not going to do as much talking as Draymond; Draymond is going to bring that out of you,” concluded Walsh, before adding Green’s name to the list of guests the duo hope to have on the show in the future.

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