49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo Get Blasted on Twitter by NFL Fans


Getty Eldon Roberts #44 of the Miami Dolphins sacks quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo #10 of the San Francisco 49ers,

After two weeks of being ruled out, Jimmy Garoppolo returned to his starting quarterback position for the 49ers.

If you knew nothing about San Francisco at the start of this season, you would have never known they were just playing in a Super Bowl.

Before getting benched, Garoppolo played a terrible first half having two brutal interceptions and trailed the rebuilding Miami Dolphins 30-7 at the half.

Twitter did what Twitter does best and absolutely blasted Kyle Shanahan‘s effort or lack of.

Here’s just a peep at the creative posts:

Just be honest @ Niners.

Who would have thought?

He’s not wrong.

Unfortunately…it’s just getting started.

Did Ian just…

Nothing good here.

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Let’s just blame the refs, it makes it easier.

Sorry, not sorry Jimmy G.

The truth hurts.

Even after having 17 surgeries and sitting out for nearly 2 years….

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