49ers Legend Speaks Out on Deebo Samuel Contract Chatter

Deebo Samuel

Getty Deebo Samuel during the NFC title game on January 30, 2022.

Deebo Samuel sent San Francisco 49ers social media into a wide range of emotions since Thursday, April 7 — from panic, to concern to those not trying to believe there’s any tensions between he and the franchise.

It began when word got out that the All-Pro wide receiver and running back, or “wide back” as he’s referred to for himself, scrubbed his Instagram and other social media pages of 49ers related posts. That internet move left many believing that Samuel is growing discontent with the 49ers — culminating in articles including from national outlet CBS Sports being written about Samuel’s social media tactic to radio host Colin Cowherd of “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1 reacting, saying he would franchise tag Samuel following the fallout of his social media action.

However, one man who knows the 49ers front office well says the franchise isn’t crazy about simply ignoring Samuel: Frank Gore.

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Gore’s Reaction to Samuel & 49ers Situation

Speaking with Bovada and former NFL cornerback Bryant McFadden, the 49ers legend who rushed for 16,000 total yards in his career that he announced will be heading to retirement on Sunday, Gore is confident that this will happen involving his former NFL team and Samuel.

“Me knowing the ‘Niners, they’re going to get it done man,” Gore told McFadden.

Gore, who spent his first 10 seasons in the league wit S.F. and took the 49ers to the NFC title in the 2013 season, doesn’t think the 49ers front office personnel is crazy enough to simply ignore Samuel.

“They’re not crazy, man. They know what Deebo brings to that team. Deebo’s a baller,” Gore said.

Fallout From Samuel’s Instagram Gate

Samuel’s decision, again, sent 49er fans and pundits into either a panic or peace.

The 2019 second rounder’s decision to take down 49ers content on his page came following this tweet — which many believed referenced Stefon Diggs becoming the latest wide receiver to sign a blockbuster extension while Samuel awaits his own.

During this offseason, Samuel’s wideout counterparts like Diggs, Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams have been given richer deals than what they were originally making…with the 49ers and Samuel yet to finalize anything. This prompts the belief from others that Samuel’s erase of his 49ers themed posts are fueling a possible disconnect between he and the team that drafted him.

However, there are those like 49ers insider for The Athletic David Lombardi who are downplaying any boiling points between Samuel and the 49ers, with Lombardi calling Samuel’s Instagram behavior “irrelevant facts” on Thursday evening.

Also, NFL Network insiders Mike Garafolo and Ian Rapoport were asked on Friday, April 8 what to make of Samuel Instagram gate.

“Uh…yeah. Good question,” was Rapoport’s first response to Michael Yam’s question.

But then Rapoport gave a more detailed answer, saying “This seems to be one of the trends of the offseason if players are either unhappy with their team, or need a complete cleanse of social media or don’t like something that’s going on in some other walk of life: Scrub your social media, get everyone talking about it and then leave us all to figure out if the situation resolves itself or doesn’t. That is where we are with Deebo Samuel.

“We have seen countless receivers either get new contracts, or get traded. That has been the wave of the offseason,” Rapoport continued. “Where does that leave Deebo Samuel? Who is a unique player and a weapon as productive as anyone still without a long term deal? Though I know Mike the 49ers want to get this done.”

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